11 Reasons Why People Shouldn’t Have Their Lunch at Their Work Desk

When you’re at work, there’s a constant barrage of emails and meetings taking up a good bit of your time. By the time you’re done attending to them, you’ve got to start with the actual work process. And most of the time, when you’re just getting into the rhythm of work, it’s time for lunch!

Sigh. Now need to step out for lunch. Maybe hor, you should just stay at your desk during lunch. Makan at your desk and make sure your boss sees you working while you eat.

DON’T. Listen to these 10 reasons why, and decide for yourself.

We’re only telling you this for your own good, you know.

You Might Overeat Without Knowing It
If you’re eating while your desktop is active, so you’ll surely get distracted by checking stuff out. Mindlessly eating and doing something else at the same time’s going to affect your waistline, simply because before you realize you’re full, your food is full. That’s when you feel it’s not enough and reach for that bottle of Pringles.

This is the same logic as eating while watching TV. Wait, TV – what’s that?

You Become Your Boss’ Scapegoat
Imagine this. You’re at your desk eating in peace, and your boss suddenly has something urgent to do that needs to be done ASAP. She zooms her eyes around the desks in front of her and you’re the only one there. Guess who’s the chosen one?

Once is okay, twice is meh, three times and you’ll get so much extra work, you can no longer knock off at 5:00 p.m. although you just took a 10-min lunch break.

You’ll Be Eating the Same Food Almost Every day
If you don’t go out and eat, you’ll probably just tapau something from the cafeteria and eat every other time. So boring leh. And if you always tapau the unhealthy ones, so unhealthy leh.

No Lunch Break Buddies With You
You’ll be eating alone, and there’s no one who’ll want to join you because OBVIOUSLY everyone wants to step out in the sun for awhile! And when you lose lunch break buddies, you’ll also lose friends because that’s the only time you get to socialize. Well, at least in most companies.

You’ll Make the Office Smell of Food
Unless you’re the boss who has your own office room, you’ll pollute the entire office with the smell of your chicken rice. Imagine the damage it’ll do to one of your colleagues who is trying to lose weight.

You Don’t Give Your Brain a Break
The whole idea of lunchtime is to give your mind a break in a new place. Yes, you can fix your to-do list for the day while you’re eating at your table, but is it really worth it? And when you’re bored, you’ll start scrolling on your social media apps. No good lah, you get stressed coz you’re on the screen almost 24/7.

No Sunshine
As most of us are stuck in the office, there’s hardly any time to get your dose of vitamin D. Step outside for lunch, and you could get a little bit. Stay inside? Nada.

You Won’t Pay Attention to Your Meal
If you eat at a proper place during your lunch break, you’ll be more mindful about your eating and appreciate your food more. It’ll actually make you happier. Seriously.

Stepping Outside Stimulates Your Brain Cells
The change in environment does more good for you than you think! If not, facing the computer for eight hours straight is going to kill more brain cells.

You Actually Increase Your Productivity When You Take a Proper Lunch Break
When you’re recharged after having a proper break, that zing you feel to get work done just goes up and up. And that means you can go off on the dot at 5:00 p.m.!

Better Work-Life Balance
Yes, even that one hour counts towards your life’s quality.

You’re Not Taking Advantage of Your Entitlement
Yes, you’re entitled to a full break, so why sit at your desk and then use up your paid free time to work?

So, are you going to sit at your desk today as well? Go outside la, make new lunch buddies and have fun!

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