The Amazing Story of Tong Phuoc Phu will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

    Many aborted babies, including even those from a developed country like Singapore, are discarded as medical waste; but Tong Phuoc Phu from the town of Nha Trang, Vietnam believes that these fetuses have souls and wants to do more for them.

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    The beginning of everything


    During his wife’s labour at the hospital in the year 2001, Tong noticed that several pregnant women entered another room and left soon after, no longer pregnant and without babies in their arms.

    Learning that these women went through abortion procedures, Tong was heartbroken and requested the hospital for the fetuses’ remains so that he could give them a proper burial.

    Buried more than 10,000 fetuses

    With his savings, Tong bought a piece of land on Hon Thom in his town to create a graveyard and continued his service for the unborn babies ever since.

    Till date (that’s 15 years you guys), he has buried more than 10,000 fetuses and will continue to be devoted to his cause.

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    Abortion a norm in the country


    In Vietnam, abortion is common due to crippling poverty and lack of birth control – there are at least 114,000 abortion cases per year, and there is a severe shortage of shelters for pregnant women who did not have a choice but to abort their babies.

    Set up of charity shelter and took in more than 100 children to date

    Many of them learned about Tong’s efforts and started coming to him for help. Eventually, Tong set up a charity shelter through the help of other kindhearted peopled and took in orphans and abandoned babies as his own.

    To date, he has taken in and cared for more than a hundred children. He also took in the mothers while they were still pregnant to provide a shelter for them as they wait for childbirth, and those who placed their babies in Tong’s care could come back for their children whenever they feel that they are in a better place to care for their children.

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    Tong’s kindness gave a chance to these children to be well and alive, when they could have been otherwise aborted.

    Despite the costs of caring for the children, he has never turned anyone away and generous donations over the years have helped him to continue helping children and mothers.

    No matter what, kindness still exists in some parts of the world

    With so many terrible news of terrorist attacks, people who refuse to put on window grills and letting toddlers jump out of buildings, family abuse and other awful situations, know that kindness still exists.

    This world is possible with more people like Tong, and it’s up to us nurture a kinder generation, and to keep the faith going.

    If you are travelling to Vietnam, or would like to send donations, here’s the address.

    Ông Tống Phước Phúc 56/3 Phương Sài Nha Trang, Vietnam
    Email: [email protected]
    You can also follow the Tống Phước Phúc Orphanage Facebook Page.

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