Amazon Is Officially Coming To S’pore. Here’s What You Need To Know.

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Our prayers have finally been answered. Amazon is coming to Singapore and we will no longer have to pay hefty shipping fees to get our items shipped to us, nor do we have to wait for weeks for them to finally arrive. 

The e-commerce giant is set to launch its selected services on the first quarter of 2017. In an article from Channel News Asia, sources say Amazon is already acquiring assets, which include refrigerated trucks and making new hires. 

If you are as stoked as we are, here are 5 facts you need to know about Amazon’s arrival in Singapore.

1. This is Amazon’s first entry into Southeast Asia

This is Amazon’s first entry into the Southeast Asian market with Singapore as it’s first getway. 

2. Get more variety and pay less

With Amazon stepping into Singapore, it might also mean that we are getting another shopping outlet that’s similiar to Taobao.

Granted, prices might not be as competitive but we know for sure that the quality and variety will be there. Plus, Amazon has always had an edge in pricing over other online retailers, so we can expect no less when they launch in the Singapore market! 

3. The employment rate might go up 

Amazon’s arrival would also mean the need to acquire new assets and employees. The e-commerce giant has opened up more than 70 ads for positions in Singapore over the last six months.

4. However, this might also mean the decline of brick-and-motar retailers

Honestly, even if it’s not for Amazon, the survival of retail stores are already on the decline. The arrival of Amazon might just make things worse.

5. Expect only the best from Amazon

Other than it’s prime delivery service, Amazon is also rumoured to launch its AmazonFresh grocery service in Singapore – grocery shopping made simple!

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