A-Mei is Holding a Free Concert on 31 December 2020 & It Appears to Be Sponsored by BMW

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Finally, we’re approaching the end of 2020 – a wild year for all of us, with the appearance of the pandemic, several unexpected celebrity deaths, and environmental hazards popping up all over the world.

We’ve made it this far, and we deserve some consolation – and what better way than a free concert from a Mandopop queen?

Taiwanese Singer A-Mei Is Back

Many of us would be familiar with household name A-Mei, one of the queens of the Mandopop world who shot to fame with songs like You Want Nothing From Me After All and Love Is The Only Way.

Image: Taiwan News

Having released her last album Story Thief in 2017, A-Mei has since been on hiatus for most of 2020 to spend time with her family back in her hometown in Taiwan, being of Taiwanese Puyuma descent.

However, to the delight of fans who miss her, the singer will finally be back following the surprise announcement of an upcoming concert of hers on the last day of 2020.

Posting on Facebook and Instagram, A-Mei’s post of an animated clip with the words “Taitung 20 / 21 a-Mei Utopia East” hinted at the singer announcing a concert at the end of the year.

“Recently and most distant dreams have finally come true. This is my starting point for all, our 2021. I’m back. Are you coming?” she wrote in the accompanying caption.

And It’s Free

However, many were left confused about the vagueness of the singer’s post, for no more details were given about the concert. Like, where to get tickets from? Will it cost a bomb?

But if there’s one thing better than an end-of-year concert, it’s one that’s free.

Her label, Universal Music Taiwan, confirmed that A-Mei will be holding a concert in her hometown of Taitung on 31 Dec 2020, and it will be absolutely free.

Image: Tenor

Adding in her caption, A-Mei teased fans by inviting them to “come here and I’ll accompany you to say goodbye to this messy 2020.”

The decision to make the concert free was most likely due to just this, of wanting to comfort fans and her townspeople alike at the end of the challenging year with a good show. Aww.

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She also tagged BMW Taiwan in her posts, leading to speculations that the brand might be sponsoring the concert and footing the costs of it.

Unfortunately for us Singaporeans, there are no plans for free concerts, or any concerts whatsoever here at the end of the year just yet. We can still enjoy certain online concerts, however, although they might not be free.

Or you can just watch old A-Mei concerts online while eating ice cream and crying at midnight at the thought of not being able to join in the festivities in Taiwan, for free.

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