Amos Yee Now Looks Like He’s Over 40 Years Old When He’s Just 22


Last Updated on 2022-10-10 , 2:47 pm

Remember Amos Yee?

Yeah, I nearly forgot about him too, ever since he’s been in prison in the US. And it seems like his appearance went through quite a radical change since he disappeared from the limelight.

If you want to, you can watch this video to know more about him:

Arrested in October 2020

Amos Yee was granted asylum in the US in 2017, after he was jailed in Singapore in 2015 and 2016 for wounding religious feelings.

However, after messages exchanged with a 14-year-old Texan girl were revealed, Yee got arrested in October 2020.

He had befriended the girl online when he was 20 years old, and exchanged nude pictures with her on WhatsApp despite knowing her age. These messages were sent between April and July of 2019.

After their relationship deteriorated, the girl sought help from a group of people that worked to expose paedophiles.

Currently in Custody at Illinois River Correctional Center

Yee is still serving a six-year sentence in the United States after pleading guilty to grooming and possessing child pornography. He’s currently in custody at Illinois River Correctional Center.

A public record of inmates on the Illinois Department of Corrections’ website shows Yee’s estimated parole date to be 6 October 2023. His estimated discharge date is 8 October 2026, and he’s required to be on the registry of sex offenders.

One thing’s for sure: we won’t be hearing from this infamous blogger anytime soon.

Prison Photos Discovered by Netizens

A Hardwarezone user decided to do some digging around on the Internet, and found Yee’s recent prison photos on 19 March:

Image: Illinois Department of Corrections
Image: Illinois Department of Corrections

I know you’re probably thinking, “Wait, why are you showing me pictures of a random uncle?”

But nope. This is really the 23-year-old Amos Yee, now looking like a “50-year-old Kopitiam drink seller from the 80s”, as described by a Hardwarezone user.

Another user also said that Yee had to look haggard or he’ll be targeted by other inmates.

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These pictures are drastically different from the Chicago Police Department’s picture of Yee in October 2020, when he was first remanded:

Image: Chicago Police Department

What happened to this fresh-faced teen?

Ah, right. Prison happened. 

Featured Image: Chicago Police Department, Illinois Department of Corrections