An analysis shows that if you’ve got bad handwriting, you’re apparently a…

Last Updated on 2016-06-16 , 9:49 am

Do you have a bad handwriting? If so, we’ve got good news for you.

Well, firstly, to determine whether you’ve got handwriting that is as bad as a doctor’s, you need to have at least five people who have seen your handwriting, and commented honestly that you’ve got the worst handwriting ever. And while it might be readable, people have to really focus on the words before they could understand them.

So, well? Have a bad handwriting? Here’s the news: you’re original and independent.

According to, a bad handwriting, which is often associated with a messy handwriting, is a result of writing that has no rhythm, and looks very unappealing. Not many would like to read a beautiful pose if the handwriting is very jialat, eh?

However, according to several other websites, the reason why bad handwriting means you’re independent is that you don’t give a shit about what others think: you just write what you think is acceptable, and what matters most is that you get the job done. You need not impress others with your handwriting, nor follow the norms of having certain prescribed style or rhythm. In other words, you’ve your own font—that is always changing without the need for approval from others.

There are more than enough people who have bad handwriting, but are geniuses. One of them is Sigmund Fred, the father of psychoanalysis. Just take a look at his handwriting: can you read it?


So next time, if someone says that you’ve got shitty handwriting, remember this: they’re praising you. Thank them instead of becoming defensive, would you?