An Experiment Shows That 4-Day Workweek Increases Productivity


Last Updated on 2021-04-23 , 11:38 am

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We’re long used (read: resigned) to the fact that we’ve to work for five days and have a short, measly break of two days. Some have it worse, having to even work half a day on a Saturday.

And it’s like the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. You don’t argue against that.

In fact, the only time we get to enjoy four-day work weeks is when there are public holidays.

But this revolutionary study decided to challenge the norms and go against bosses worldwide.

By running an experiment testing four-day work weeks in a New Zealand company.

And what they find is something your boss should hear.

Experiment Shows That Four-Day Work Week Increases Productivity In The Company

A new study was conducted at Perpetual Guardian, a firm in New Zealand.

240 employees worked four days during the months of March and April while getting paid the usual amount.

The two researchers hired by Perpetual Guardian found that a shorter workweek actually increases employees’ productivity, instead of reducing it.

The staff “were more creative” about solving problems. They had better attendance and reached work on time. Plus, long breaks and leaving early were a thing of the past.

Plus, employees came back to work more energised and it was reported that there was a 24 per cent improvement in work-life balance (yeah, thanks, Captain Obvious).

Employees in the office also said that with a tighter schedule, they are more motivated to look for ways to be more productive while at work.

They were given a month to prepare for the trial and get to choose their off days.

And anyways, if you want to be more productive, you might want to watch this video to the end:


Plus, It Keeps Employees Happy

How many times have you come back to work on Monday, only to realise that you didn’t do anything over the weekend? Either because you were sleeping in or you’ve not thought about what to do.

You’d wanted to learn the guitar, play basketball, visit the dentist and more but just “don’t have the time to do it”.

With the extra off days, employees are motivated to think about what they’ll want to do over the weekend and achieve more than before.

“People have been training for marathons, going to the dentist, getting their car serviced, or doing the shopping for their elderly parents. All the stuff that has been put on the back burner, but either helps themselves or their family. Life administration.”

If your boss needs any more convincing, show him this paragraph.


The four-day workweek worked so well that the company which took part in the study is now considering making it a permanent practice for all participants.

Plus, American companies like Amazon are now looking into implementing 30-hour workweek for their employees as well.

Here, you can watch the awesome video for the study below:

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