An Influencer Couple in China Paid SGD$9.8m to Invite Stars Like Jackie Chan & Wang Leehom to Their Wedding

Jackie Chan, Cecilia Cheung, G.E.M. and Michael Wong all performing at the same time in the same place – sounds like a concert you wouldn’t want to miss out on right?

Except it isn’t a concert; it’s a wedding.

The Wedding Couple

The wedding of two filthy rich Chinse influencers, Xing Ba and Chu Rui Xue, to be more specific.

And how exactly did they get rich enough to afford a $13.7m (70mil yuan) wedding?

The groom, Xin You Zhi, 29, is a Chinese livestreamer with over 20 million followers who made a ton of money by selling his things on Wechat.

His wife, 33-year-old Chu Rui Xue, has her own makeup brand and she is also a web singer. Before that, she used to own an online shop on Taobao. Both of them met while doing business and signed up for marriage pretty early.

Image: Weibo

Xin and Chu, who are currently expecting their second child, exchanged their vows on stage in front of the huge crowd.

Their Unbelievably Huge Wedding

Image: 8Days

The wedding was held at the Beijing Olympic Sports Centre Stadium on the 18 August.

Imagine being wealthy enough to book an entire stadium just so you can get married. Can’t relate.

They invited a total of 42 celebrities to attend and perform at their wedding ceremony.

Millions Spent In Inviting The Stars

Xin revealed in one of his video updates that it had cost him about SGD$9.8m (50m yuan) to pay for all of these artists.

Out of all of them, he had spent the most on Jackie Chan, as it had cost him SGD$1.3m (6.7m yuan) to get the Hong Kong singer and actor to perform at his wedding.

Image: 8Days

Xin had also managed to invite his bride’s childhood idol, Cecilia Cheung, who surprised her with a wedding gift that moved her to tears.

Other artists that performed for the crowd include G.E.M., Wang Lee Hom and Michael Wong.

On top of already spending that much money on their wedding, they also had an after-party at a club for another SGD$196K (1m yuan).

He Earned All the Money Back

I know what you must be thinking right now. How can one spend so much on a wedding without feeling heartpain about burning such a big hole in their pocket?

Well, guess what? Xin ended up earning back all the money he spent and also making an additional SGD$5.9m (30m yuan) by the end of his wedding.

This is because he was actually selling products live on his online shop during the two-hour-long wedding party. Thanks to the sheer number of people who ended up browsing his store after tuning in, he managed to earn back everything that he had spent on his wedding, as well as make some extra money.

Image: Giphy

Wow. It definitely seemed like a night to remember – not just for the happy couple, but also for everyone else that was lucky enough to attend the concert.

I mean, wedding.

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