Andy Lau Finally Revealed His Private Family Life On TV


Andy Lau is one of the most prolific men in the world.

And for good reason.


After all, he wasn’t known as one of the four Heavenly Kings for nothing.

But his private family life? Not so much.

And there’s a reason for that.

His Wife Doesn’t Like The Media Attention

Andy Lau has always kept his relationship with Malaysian Carol Chu on the down-low. They met in 1986 and he kept their relationship a secret as Chu was media shy.

They registered their marriage in 2008.

However, even someone with four hands like Andy Lau couldn’t keep things under wrap anymore, especially in Hong Kong where paparazzi thrive.

His wife and daughter were photographed and he decided to let it be.

An Enviable Relationship

The couple might have been together for 33 years but their relationship is one you’d probably be envious of.

In a recent television programme, “A Date with Lu Yu”, Lau opened up about his relationship with his wife, Carol Chu.

He said that the two of them planned to spend the rest of their lives together since 1997. They have many things in common, including their perspective on life and personality.

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“We seldom have any misunderstanding since we became a couple,” he said.

Even when they quarrelled, he’d write down his emotion and reason for losing his temper on a piece of paper, then pass it to his wife.

He felt that his wife love him more than she loves herself.

No Official Ceremony

While they might have registered their marriage for about 11 years, Andy Lau and Carol Chu have yet to hold their official wedding ceremony.

Whether they’ll hold it or not is still up in the air.

After all, both of them felt that a wedding ceremony is too old-fashion.

However, he did mention to the host that he might just wait until his daughter gets married and hold a joint ceremony with her.

By the way, his daughter, Hanna, is currently seven years old.

A Get-Together?

For those of you who adored the Four Heavenly Kings back in the day, you might be psyched to know that Andy Lau is more than ready for them to get together.

Image: Ivan Yolo

Specifically, to become mentors in a singing competition.

In fact, he’s so excited he says if the rest of the kings give their “okay”, he’ll go ahead and start making arrangements.

Although whether this will become a reality or not is still unclear. After all, Jacky Cheung did turn down an offer once because he felt he wasn’t qualified to be a mentor.

But hey, one can always dream, right?