Andy Lau Spotted in Economy Class But Was Actually in Travelling in First Class

Image: Weibo

Celebrities are often seen as these magical creatures who live in a different world, separated by an invisible boundary.

But for a moment, it seemed like that boundary had vanished.

Spotted in economy class

A netizen posted a picture online of Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau on a Cathay Pacific flight out of Hong Kong on July 24.

That sounds perfectly normal, except the celebrity was spotted taking his bags from the economy class section of the plane.

Could it be that this superstar chose to sit amongst the cattle as a means of showing his solidarity with us regular folk?

Image: Weibo

Not exactly.

The netizen who posted the picture of the star later clarified that Andy was actually in first class but came to economy class to retrieve his bags which were stowed in the economy section.

One wonders why his bags were in economy class though. Were they not good enough for first class?


According to the passengers, Lau was reportedly also very friendly and humble, much like any regular folks. He was praised for treating the other passengers with courtesy and retrieving his bags without the help of the aircrew.

In other words, he wasn’t a diva who demanded the help and attention of everyone around him.

Not like some influencers #justsaying

The superstar was allegedly on the way to Penang to visit his wife’s hometown, so if you’re in Penang now or are on your way there, do look out for Ah Lau. He might just have cendol at one of the street stalls.

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Not the first time

Moreover, this isn’t the first time Lau has been spotted in economy class.

Earlier in July, an air stewardess shared a photo of the celebrity and herself on social media.

She asked Lau for a photo expecting a rejection, but the Hong Kong actor graciously accepted.

Image: Weibo

It’s nice to see a celebrity whose head hasn’t been swelled up by stardom.

So, the next time you see a man in a denim jacket wearing a cap, shades, and a face mask, don’t assume it’s a fancy thief because a certain actor from Hong Kong may be seated in front of you.