Angelababy Reportedly Looking To Enter Korea Cuz She Can’t Get Acting Jobs in China

Remember this actress?


You do? Well, I thought so. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, she’s non-other than the phenomenal cross-dressing actress Joaquin Phoenix, who recently portrayed an overly depressed man in Joker.

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A strong contender for the Chinese Ballon D’or Oscar award, by the way. Absolutely electrifying performance. Whew.

But alright, all jokes aside, the actress in question goes by the stage name Angelababy, and is one of China’s most popular stars.

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Yet, just like how Joker chronicled the rapid downfall of its main man, it seems that life’s not always smooth-sailing.

And Angelababy’s film career might be a prime exemplification of that.

Angelababy Reportedly Looking To Enter Korea Showbiz Cuz She Can’t Get Acting Jobs In China

Angelababy might be a real visual fest..

But she’s probably no acting fest.

According to TODAYonlinethe mother-of-one has been receiving quite a bit of flak for her acting over the years.

For example, her performance in Chinese drama Entrepreneurial Age is generally regarded as one that’s better forgotten for the sake of her resume, with her overly exaggerated expressions garnering a following… in the meme department.

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That’s hardly something you’ll want when you’re aiming to solidify your acting chops, in all honesty.

Indeed, even her own husband, acclaimed mainland actor Huang Xiaoming, once revealed that she’s not a good actor. And well, it seems that Netizens aren’t going to disagree anytime soon.

Yet, despite Angelababy’s deficient camaraderie with the camera, she is one of China’s most popular stars. As such, getting her to front any production isn’t gonna come cheap.

Small wonder why she’s not getting a million jobs, really. Also, small wonder why the following might just be a reality.

Angelababy To Venture Into Kimchi-land?

Recently, the 30-year-old Chinese actress appeared at the Busan International Film Festival in South Korea, sparking rumours of her transition to Korean Oppa land.

According to sources, Angelababy’s looking to drift into kimchi-land as she’s not getting any acting jobs in China.

And while her acting chops might not exactly frighten off the likes of Kim Tae Hee or Kim So-Hyun, Angelababy does have the presence of an international star, and she certainly doesn’t seem to lack charisma.

According to reports, the Chinese actress conducted herself with such grace and poise that she was said to have impressed the Korean media, gaining more fans along the way.

Image: Sohu

Angelababy eating Subway wraps while being filmed from 36 different angles at the same time? That might just happen, my dear Koreaboos who have a distinct fetish for all things Chinese.

Not A Good Year For Angelababy

According to TODAYonlinethis problem of Angelababy’s only started this July, when she and her manager went their separate ways. Ever since then, she’s believed to have encountered real difficulties in landing new dramas and endorsements.

Also, in her last acting gig, upcoming web series A Murderous Affair in Horizon Tower, the actress had to play second fiddle to the much less famous Chinese actress Yang Zishan.

And to complicate things further, rumours have been spreading like wildfire that she and Xiaoming are headed for divorce.


Thought you’re having a bad year? Think again.

Nevertheless, all the best for the future, Angelababy! You’ve got it!

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