Angry Man Kicks & Punches SBS Bus After He Missed It; Yells ‘You’ll Have To Run Me Over’

No one likes to miss the bus.

A common scenario looks like this: You wake up early and get ready to leave for work relatively on time.

Right before you cross the road, you see your only bus to the office leave and by the time the next one comes, you’re late.

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True adult horror stories. 

While it might be a kick in the gut, you just have to sigh in disappointment and wait again.

Like this guy in our video, who realised that missing the bus might be a good opportunity after all:

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But some people decide to kick back, literally.


What did I mean by the last line? You’ll see.

According to AsiaOne, on the night of 18 October, a man was walking along Beach Road, where two buses had already pulled into a bus stop.

Wanting to board bus 197, the driver likely missed him due to the crowd of passengers and drove off.

Most people here either just sulk and wait or attempt to chase the bus and fail.

This guy? No way was he going to let it slide.

The guy threw himself in front of the bus to try and stop it from leaving.

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Lianhe Zaobao reported that the man kicked the windshield, hurled vulgarities at the driver and attempted to pull the door open.

Image: Lianhe Zaobao

Bro you’re not superman, this stuff doesn’t work.

In fact, this continued for 15 minutes until three police officers came to stop him.

At least he finally stopped.


He Did It Again

No, don’t wipe your glasses or double blink.

You read that sub-header right.


The man returned to this bus stop to wait for the next 197 which did eventually come.

This time he decided to become a new superhero, possibly The Hulk.

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Picking up two bicycles, the man threw them both at the bus before kicking and punching it again.

He even yelled at the bus driver, “If you dare to drive this bus away, you’ll have to run me over first!”

Image: Lianhe Zaobao

Maybe he was just having a bad day.


According to an eyewitness, the bus driver and lone passenger didn’t seem all too bothered by it.

The driver even had the patience to wait until the man stopped raging to drive away.

Really can’t imagine if something like that didn’t phase the driver, the crap he probably has seen in his time.


I hope you readers don’t get too fired up if something like a missed bus happens to you, much less do anything as dangerous as the man did.

Though I must say going over this whole article again…


I did get a kick out of writing it.

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