Another Fatal Traffic Accident at Bukit Timah Junction: 6 Topics S’poreans Talked About Today (23 Apr)

Driving is exhausting. Driving safely isn’t enough, you have to look out for erratic drivers on the roads too.

Plus, you’re responsible for the well-being of your passengers.

Previously, we wrote about the collision between a Silver Cab and a car that left a young NUS student dead.

And now, just a couple of days later, we’re writing about another deadly accident.

Another Fatal Traffic Accident at Bukit Timah Junction


On 22 Apr, it was reported that a collision between an off-service SMRT bus and a black Mercedes at a traffic junction in Bukit Timah.

The black Mercedes was believed to be making a right turn from Jalan Anak Bukit to enter the Pan-Island Expressway.

The SMRT bus was travelling straight along Jalan Anak Bukit towards Clementi Road.

The black Mercedes was driven by a 24-year-old female driver and carrying two passengers, a 26-year-old male seated in the front and a 23-year-old woman seated in the rear.

The police said that both the front passenger and driver were taken to Ng Teng Fong hospital conscious.

The rear passenger succumbed to her injuries at the hospital.

The bus driver, however, was not injured.

SMRT has responded to the incident, saying that they are “saddened” by the incident and will be “reaching out to the deceased family to offer assistance”.

The driver, they added, has been moved to non-driving duties and will be assisting the police with their investigations.

Experts have said that drivers should tell their rear passengers to put on their seatbelts, as the rear seats have the highest risk of suffering serious injuries in an accident.

Man’s 5-Minute of Enjoyment On WeChat Turns Into Blackmail Nightmare

In life, there will be things you do that you’ll regret forever.

Maybe it’s breaking off with that girlfriend who’s been with you through thick and thin, or it could be you not studying hard enough for an important exam.

Or, it could be sexting or doing explicit stuff on camera, only to be blackmailed.

Like this man.


Meet 64-year-old Ong Chong Lim, an elderly part-time cleaner.

A girl named Angelina added him as a friend on Facebook. After accepting her friend’s request, she asked him to WeChat message her at 11 pm that night.

The girl said she was lonely and wanted to video-call him.

So he did.

During the video-call, he said a girl looking like the profile picture of Angelina appeared and started taking off her clothes and posing seductively.

Since he was so high, he did the same when the girl asked him to.

So you’ll be thinking, what a lucky dude, right?


The very next day, the girl messaged him and showed him the pictures and recordings of the previous night.

She said that unless he pays her US$5,000, she’ll put them online on Facebook and YouTube.

And despite what you believe, this isn’t exactly an uncommon scam. You know what they say, right?

When your blood rushes to the smaller head, the bigger one cannot think liao. Kind of like wear green cannot think, except worse.

And don’t give in to the extortion because it’s never going to end at the first time.

Stay safe, guys.

Korean Air Lines Heiresses Forced To Leave Business, Chairman Makes Public Apology

Recently, our very own Law Minister made a grand speech about inequality in Singapore. Basically, elites creating conditions that are favourable to themselves, and leaving the rest of the people to die.

For those who think that equality is impossible and that the rich will be left untouched, rejoice because a high-profile elite case in S.Korea just reached an exciting conclusion.


This is Choi Hyun-Min, vice-president of Korean Air Lines and daughter of the chairman of the company.

She allegedly threw water at an attendee of a business meeting and is currently being investigated by the police.

Her sister made the headlines in 2014 for ordering a Korean Air plane to return back to the gate.

Because she wasn’t happy with how she was served nuts in first-class.

Yup. So she was sent packing to prison and returned to work at Korean Air’s hotel affiliate in March.

Well, their father, Chairman Cho Yang-Ho made a public apology for his daughters’ mistakes and swore that the company will “turn over a new leaf”.

And the company’s first course of action? Both sisters with anger management issues will step down from their positions with immediate effect.


Equality still exists after all.

Polish Teenager Nearly Crushed By Bus After a Joke Carried Out Too Far

We all love a good joke or two. But sometimes, unknowingly, we carry out the joke too far.

The best that could happen is your friend getting mad at you and stop being your friend.

That’s still okay when you consider the worst that could happen. Like this incident.

This video was captured at the southern Polish town of Czechowice-Dziedzice.

Two girls were seen walking along the side of a road at around 7 pm.

A red bus was seen travelling along the road when the girl on the right gave her friend a hard shove.

She could be seen colliding with the side of the bus and nearly getting crushed under the wheels.

Thankfully, the girl escaped with minor cuts and bruises. She could get up by herself.

Her friend, however, wasn’t so lucky.

She was fined 70 euros (S$113) for the incident. The police, however, are looking to impose a heavier sentence after reviewing the CCTV footage.

She might be fined even heavier, or jailed up to a year for the offence.

This is a lesson to all jokers out there who make pranks (sometimes dangerous ones) to put online.

Pranks are nice and all, but you need to make sure that no one is hurt in the process, be it mentally or physically.

11-Year-Old Violin Prodigy, Chloe Chua, Wins 1st Place at Prestigious International Competition

Whoever said that Singaporeans have no talent and we need to import our talents are proven wrong with this violin prodigy.

She’s 11 years old, joined Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) at 4 years old for their School Of Young Talents Gifted Young Violinist Preparatory Course and won several violin competitions.


The Menuhin Competition is dubbed as the “Olympics of violinist” and considered the leading international contest for violinists under the age of 22.

Chloe won top place together with 10-year-old Australian boy Christian Li. Both get to bring home 10,000 Swiss francs (S$13,500) and a one-year loan of a fine old Italian violin by Florian Leonhard Fine Violins

Check out her amazing performance of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons: Winter:

She had also won first-place at the Andrea Postacchini International Violin Competition back in 2017 as well as the Thailand International String Competition in 2015.

What was I doing at 11 years old again? Oh yeah, collecting Pokemon cards.


Today Could Be Your Final Chance To See Polar Bear Inuka At S’pore Zoo


Have fond memories of Inuka, S’pore’s only polar bear? But you didn’t have the chance to go see him yet?

Bad news, today could be the final time visitors are able to see him.


The zoo’s resident medical team will be conducting a medical examination on Wednesday (25 Apr).

And if it shows that he’s still suffering and there’s no improvement in his declining health, they will be putting him to sleep.

Wildlife Reserves Singapore said that he will not be allowed any visitors from Tuesday in preparation for the checkup.

So do you have any fond memories of Inuka, the Singapore Zoo polar bear? Let us know in the comments below!

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