Antibacterial Products Are Useless to the Coronavirus So Just Buy Normal Soap Instead

For months, I’ve been looking high and low…

Left and right…

Inside and outside…

For the now-fabled antibacterial wipes.

Yes folks, it’s that hard to find anti-bacterial products nowadays. Though with the pandemic and all, it’s not exactly hard to fathom why.

But here’s the thing; people have been hogging anti-bacterial products with all the finesse of a prime Mike Chang selling fitness exercises, yet the question begets…

Do they actually work better than regular soap?

After all, there’s a reason why the Covid-19 is known as a CoronaVIRUS…

And last I checked, bacteria and viruses aren’t quite the same.

Antibacterial Products Are Useless to the Coronavirus So Just Buy Normal Soap Instead

Yes folks, hate to break the news but reality’s as you see above:

Antibacterial products are no better off than regular soap in this current virus-stricken climate.

Image: Giphy

And the statement does not come without reason.

First off, bacteria are different from viruses. Bacteria are living organisms that notwithstanding their preceding reputation, are deemed vital decomposers in our nature’s ecosystem.

On the other hand, viruses are non-living organisms that leech off the life of host cells. A prime exemplification?

A zombie virus which operates via the infiltration of a human’s brain and thereafter triggering its unprecedented cannibalistic brain-eating tendencies.

Image: Zedtown Asia

But yeah, moving on.

Anti-bacteria products undeniably work well against bacteria, but they are hardly god-tier worthy when it comes to eliminating traces of Covid-19. Not to say that they’re utterly overrated and overpriced, but it’s just the simple notion of them catering to a whole different demographic than people would expect upon purchase.

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Though of course, not all anti-bacteria wipes prove futile in the fight against the ongoing pandemic. Some sport high levels of alcohol solution, which has been touted as effective against the virus.

See, coronaviruses are what are called enveloped viruses, which are apparently one of the easiest types of viruses to eliminate. If the appropriate disinfectant product comes into play, chances are; they’re gonna be smoked to dust before you start feeling funny.

But it’s vital that the right parameters are met.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “disinfection, diluted household bleach solutions, alcohol solutions with at least 70% alcohol and most common EPA-registered household disinfectants should be effective”.

For the record, EPA stands for the Environmental Protection Agency. The U.S. EPA, in particular, has released a list of disinfectants that are thought of as effective against the Covid-19 outbreak. You can peruse the list here.


And for a more in-depth analysis on the exact differences between bacteria and viruses, you can peruse the following video courtesy of Facebook page Just Keep Thinking

Virus vs Bacteria, what are their differences? | Sama Sama Roti Prata

No need for antibacterial soap – just a regular ones will do!

Posted by Just Keep Thinking on Friday, 15 May 2020

Fun fact: Less than 1% of the bacteria population actually cause diseases. Who knew?

So The Cold Reality Here?

Most of the common anti-bacteria wipes you’ve somehow laid your hands on aren’t going to suffice in the ongoing pandemic, so there’s really no point in using them over good old regular soap.

The best-case scenario? Get your hands on the appropriate disinfecting material if you’re really in need of wipes. But of course, as long as you stay vigilant and adopt the necessary precautionary measures, there should be no real need for a disinfecting solution.


Just remember to avoid touching your face when you’re in public, and make sure to wash your hands at regular intervals to minimise the risk of infection. As far as the general consensus is concerned…

You should be reasonably safe then.

P.s. Oh and also, watch your weightIt helps.

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