App Can Alert You When There’s a Red Light Camera / Speed Camera & Info is From TP


It’s 6.45pm on a Saturday night. There’s a football match at 7pm, and you’re 20 minutes away from your house.

There’s no one at home to record the match for you, and to miss even 5 minutes of it would be worse than death.

So you speed a little. You end up getting home just in time to see your favourite team lose 5-0, and three weeks later you get a letter in the mail informing you that you’ve been fined for speeding.

The solution would be to never speed again, but what if there was an app to alert you to these cameras?

App Can Alert You When There’s a Red Light Camera / Speed Camera & Info is From TP

Thanks to the Traffic Police (TP) and automotive platform Motorist, drivers can now be alerted whenever they’re approaching a red-light or speed camera.

The audio feature, called Co-Driver, was introduced in Motorist’s app on 8 June.

According to The New Paper, TP partnered with Motorist to enforce road safety and discourage reckless driving.


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So, how does it work?

All drivers have to do is activate the Co-Driver feature on the Motorist App, and choose the type of camera you want to be alerted about.

These include:

  • Red Light Cameras
  • Fixed Speed Camera
  • Mobile Speed Camera
  • Police Speed Laser Camera
  • Average Speed Camera
Image: Motorist

Once activated, drivers will receive real time audio alerts on these cameras, as well as reminders to drive safer and more courteously, Motorist said.

Image: Motorist

While there are other apps that provide audio cues on red-light and traffic cameras, Motorist says that Co-Driver is the only one that “includes red zones for Police Speed Laser Camera (PSLC).”

“Prevent Irresponsible Driving”

I’m sure you’ve seen many videos of horror crashes online as a result of drivers beating the red light or speeding.

This is the kind of reckless driving that the Traffic Police and Motorist want to prevent.

“Speeding and red-light running are serious traffic violations that could cause injuries or deaths. With Co-Driver, motorists will be alerted to locations of traffic enforcement cameras and be reminded to keep within speed limits and drive more responsibly”, said Commander Traffic Police, SAC Gerald Lim.

Damian Sia, CEO and Founder of Motorist, said that as a driver himself, he recognises that Singapore’s driving culture can be “improved”.

“We’re excited to take this first step with the Traffic Police, and look forward to further initiatives with them to encourage a safer driving culture in the country—a win-win result for all.”

According to CNA, accidents caused by red-light running increased by 2.6 per cent to 120 accidents, from 117 accidents in 2017.

The latest Annual Road Traffic Situation report from Singapore Police Force also shows that more people were caught speeding and running red lights in 2019.

As the Motorist founder said, many of us speed because we’re in a rush, but is it worth it if we end up hurting or even killing someone?

Speed and red light cameras are like safe distancing rules; they can be annoying, but they’re there to protect us.


So, download the app, activate the feature, and drive safely!

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