Apple Accidentally Opens Up Security Loophole In iOS Update


The only Apple product I use is the iPhone, but this does not make me feel any better.

Apple just released the newest system update, iOS 12.4, to fix some bugs and do a routine update. Seems normal, nothing out of the ordinary right?

Yeah, until I mention the fact that they reversed a security fix that had been patched in the 12.3 version.

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Effects of the Update

While this may seem like a concern for many of us, there are a bunch of people who see this as an opportunity. I know some of you have tried it, and I know many of you are still doing it as we speak.

I am talking about ‘jailbreaking’ here.

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For the non-techies out there, jailbreaking is a process usually done on older iOS software. Something that only the older folks would remember.

Through pretty illegal methods, users are able to bypass strict security systems by Apple and do things like install non-Apple software or use otherwise restricted file types.

Well, unless you have some of the newer models such as iPhone XR, XS and XS Max. These phones run on new hardware, so that puts a stop to any new-school jailbreakers out there.

Now maybe you think, “It’s time to finally set my iPhone free! I can do whatever the heck want with it. And people like this user have already begun to try and jailbreak the latest OS!”

Well to that I say:

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Good sir or madam, with great power, comes great responsibility (or great risk in this case).

Should You Dare to Jailbreak

If you read till this portion of the article and have not immediately gone to jailbreak your phone, good choice. You look before you leap.

If you have…well time to accept these realities.

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First off: since you smart-guys managed to bypass the security systems of your iPhone, guess who else can do it now?

Correct, the other hackers who want to run rampant on your device.

Mr Thomas Reed, director of Mac and mobile at cyber-security solutions provider Malwarebytes, said that having the phone jailbroken is the easiest way to get attacked or infected.

I mean, I am not against you doing what you want to your phone. Just know that if your phone starts going all wonky, your private information leaks out and your credit card gets hijacked…

…then I guess I told you so.

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In all seriousness, please be careful about downloading any suspicious apps or jailbreaking your phone.

Privacy is way too important to let slip.

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