Apple Youth Camp Teaches Teenagers How To Draw, Make Music & Take Photos On Apple Products

I know what you’re thinking.

“Is it gonna be like one of those university orientation camps? Yikes, no thanks!”

Hold on, before you pass up this opportunity, I assure you that the Apple Youth Camp is gonna be really wholesome – and completely PG.

Students aged 13-17 can sign up for any or both of the 3.5 hours long2-day sessions which will be happening from 9-14 September at Apple Orchard Road. You won’t have to sign up for both days, but it is highly recommended.

And get this: It’s FREE.

Expand Your Creativity Through Art, Photography & Music Sessions

So what exactly will you be doing during these 2 sessions you ask?

Well firstly, the sessions will make use of Apple products. This means that you’ll be using an iPhone to take pictures during photography sessions.

A specific topic like Art, Photo and Music will be featured every two days, which is broken down into two sessions. The second session for each topic, i.e. Art Day 2 will be based on the foundational skills learnt on Day 1.

You can pick whichever days you’d like to attend:

  • 9 September – Art Day 1: Exploring Art & Design
  • 10 September – Art Day 2: Building Characters with TYC
  • 11 September – Photo Day 1: Experimenting with Photography
  • 12 September – Photo Day 2: Big Little Stories with Sunny Ang
  • 13 September – Music Day 1: Starting Your Musical Journey
  • 14 September – Music Day 2: Making Tunes with Intune Music

For instance, on 9 September, budding artists can attend the Art Day 1 – “Exploring Art & Design” session where you’ll use an iPad to sketch portraits in the Procreate app and go on an Art Walk to practice your observational drawing skills.

The second session on 10 September, Art Day 2, will be held the next day and will teach you to explore the art of character design to create your own character with your iPad.

While it isn’t compulsory to attend the first session in order to attend the second one, it is recommended if you want to get “the full experience”.

Make Full Use Of Your Holidays

Go ahead and sign up online here. Even if you’re a staunch supporter of all things Android, there’s still plenty you can take away from the Youth Camp.

Plus, it’s definitely better than spending your September holidays lazing at home in your pajamas.

And if you happen to be a parent reading this, go ahead and force – I mean, encourage your child to attend this camp. It’ll look awesome on their resume!

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