Elderly Street Vendor Walks 6km Everyday To Sell $0.43 Ice Kacang To Support Son

Last Updated on 2019-12-27 , 8:50 am

There are many powerful forces in this world – magic, sorcery, friendship, and perhaps the most important one of all, love.

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Love, especially that from a parent to their child, is something that can never be measured or limited.

Just like how we see in the movies, like how Lily Potter’s love and protection of Harry Potter when she was killed by Voldemort resulted in a force so strong it could rebound the powerful death curse, a parent’s love can never be underestimated.

There’s just simply no end to the lengths parents will go to for their children. The fatigue from toiling for hours on end at work all dissipates when one sees their child happy at the end of the day – and that’s exactly what this sweet uncle feels.

It’s All For His Son

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Meet Mr Dam, a shaved ice seller situated in Bangkok, Thailand, who’s affectionately called Uncle Dam by his frequent customers.

At first glance, Uncle Dam’s stall may seem unassuming, like any other shaved ice stalls in the sweltering hot city. However, there’s a heartwarming story behind the hours of hard work Uncle Dam puts into every bowl of shaved ice.

When Uncle Dam’s son was only eight months old, he started to show signs of having physical deformities, and to make matters worse, Uncle Dam’s wife upped and left the father-son duo immediately after finding out. How horrible!

Uncle Dam was devastated of course, and he fell into a state of depression so bad that he almost committed suicide. Fortunately, the strong man managed to pull through with positive thoughts, and thoughts of his precious son.

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“I managed to get through my past by focusing only on the present, and giving myself reasons to be joyful,” commented Uncle Dam.

“The past should remain in the past and we should all strive to be happy in the present. The future is unpredictable and thus we should not worry too much about it.”

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So inspiring! :’)

Shaved Ice For A Better Future

Thus, in order to make money to support his disabled son and himself, Uncle Dam decided to open this shaved ice stall in the middle of the Rat Burana District in Bangkok.

Image: Wongnai
But that’s not all – remember how I mentioned earlier that there’s no end to the lengths parents will go for their children? Distance certainly isn’t an issue for Uncle Dam, as he also walks over 6km every single day