#FastFoodFriday: KFC Nyonya Chicken Review: One of the Best-est Items from KFC


Last Updated on 2020-01-03 , 9:47 pm

Everyone in Singapore should know what Nyonya cuisine, or Peranakan cuisine, is.


Okay, I admit: I didn’t know anything about this cuisine either. Jeanntte Aw comes to my mind whenever the word “Nyonya” is mentioned, and I’m 95% sure KFC isn’t releasing a chicken that looks like the ex-MediaCorp actress.

So, according to my friend Mr Wiki, Nyonya cuisine are foods made by Peranakans, who are early Chinese migrants who settled down in Singapore, Penang, Malacca and Indonesia and marrying local Malays.

And just like the people, their food is a marriage of Chinese + Malay ingredients, and so they’re usually a tad more tangy, aromatic, spicy and herbal. Just think of a Chinese hawker trying to cook Malay food lah and you get the idea.

For some reason, KFC has decided that it’s a good idea to start 2020 with yet another fusion item: and this time, they’ve brought the Nyonya flavor into their western menu.

It’s not the first time the creative people in KFC have been this drunk: they’ve come out with mala chicken that tastes more like Curry Maggi Mee powder chicken and Szechuan chicken that’s so spicy, our office toilet was clogged that evening.

Now, is this latest addition going to be a hit or miss?

Let’s find out.

High Expectations due to the Word “Nyonya”

I kid you when I mentioned earlier that I didn’t know anything about the cuisine. I do know one thing: it’s supposedly very goody. Since young, I’ve been conditioned to think that Nyonya cuisine is one of the best cuisines in Singapore, though I’ve no exactly tried them regularly.

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