The Origin Story & History Of The Famous Thai Boat Noodles

Boat noodles are probably the only reason why I ever visit ORTO. If you haven’t tasted boat noodles, you would have most likely seen pictures and videos of your friends indulging in bowls after bowls of boat noodles on Instagram.

But have you ever wondered why boat noodles are almost always served in small bowls instead of normal-sized bowls like the ones that you use to eat your wanton mee from?

Image: Bangkok Post

Here’s a break down of the origin and history of the famous Thai boat noodles that we know and love.


Why Are They Called Boat Noodles 

The boat noodles, also known as kuay teow rua, is a dish that reflects cultural and geographical conditions.

Boat noodles originated from Thailand and are best known in the Rangsit area of Pathum Thani province, where they first emerged.

The Rangsit Pathum Thani area has many canals. Chinese people settled there and


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