#TuesdayTruthday: Goody Feed Beings Reveal The Most Hurtful Thing A Teacher Has Done/Said To You

We all agree that the Internet is filled with nothing but truthfulness: that influencer whom you’ve been stalking definitely looks like a diva 24 hours a day, and travel 365 days a year.

Your friend is in a great relationship because she’s been posting lovey-dovey images on Instagram, despite the fact that you saw her on Tinder this morning.

With so many people having such a perfect image online, we thought of having a weekly section called #TuesdayTrueday, whereby we Goody Feed, the imperfect human beings on the Internet, reveal some of our stories to show you the truth online.


And for this week, we’ll be talking about the most hurtful thing our teachers have done or said to us.

Growing up, I’m sure most of us would have gotten in trouble for at least one or two things in school. Maybe it was that we were talking to our friends during class when our teacher was teaching, or that we forgot to do our homework. Oops.

While we were in the wrong for doing such things, it is also possible that our teachers may have said things that were hurtful to us, so here are a few stories from us Goody Feed human beings.

The One With The Practicality – Writer, 22

When I was in secondary school, I studied hard and I was able to do pretty well. I ended up doing quite okay for my ‘A’ levels and ended up entering JC thinking that I would do fine too. Boy was I wrong.


JC was a whole other level of struggle for me and it was difficult to attain good grades despite me studying really hard. I sought help from my friends and even went for consultations with my teachers, but even then, I was unable to pull up my grades.

Then came the end of JC1 and I almost didn’t manage to promote to JC2. Thankfully, I did, but I continued to struggle in JC2. The stress was getting higher as we approached the impending ‘A’ levels and I was deathly afraid that I wouldn’t do well.

Towards the end of the year, my Civics tutor spoke to the individuals who were doing poorly to ask us about our plans. He asked me about what my ambition was and after hearing it, he simply said, “Well, I think it’s time to be more practical here.”

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