#Tuesday Truthday: We Reveal Our Deepest Darkest Fears


Last Updated on 2020-01-21 , 3:03 pm

We all agree that the Internet is filled with nothing but truthfulness: that influencer whom you’ve been stalking definitely looks like a diva 24 hours a day, and travel 365 days a year.

Your friend is in a great relationship because he’s been posting lovey-dovey images on Instagram, despite the fact that you saw him on Tinder this morning.

With so many people having such a perfect image online, we thought of having a weekly section called #TuesdayTruthday, whereby we Goody Feed, the imperfect human beings on the Internet, reveal some of our stories to show you the truth online.

And for this Tuesday, we’re going to reveal our deepest darkest fears.

Now I’m sure every single one of us (yes even the most Macho of Macho men) has something that we’re afraid of, and I may or may not be talking about ghosts.

Looks like you’re gonna have to stick around to find out what it is:

I’m Scared Of It – Writer 24

Yes, I’m scared of It. Oh come on, don’t you get what I’m referring to? It. That big scary af clown. P.S. Can it please stop calling me Georgie?

In all seriousness, clowns scare the living crap out of me and I find it hilarious that they were created to entertain kids. There was once, Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Singapore had some sort of clown-themed haunted house complete with psychedelic lighting and larger than life clowns.

Not gonna lie, I almost shit my pants. I’ve had this fear of clowns ever since I was little. I went to a friend’s birthday party once and they had hired a clown. I started screaming and crying and my parents sent me home. That friend never invited me to her birthday party again. *shrugs*

I’m Scared of Chickens – Writer, 22

Ok, hear me out. I know you’ve probably never heard of anyone who has a fear of chickens, but trust me, it begins with an origin story darker than Bruce Wayne’s.

I’d first like to clarify that I’m afraid of live chickens, of course. I don’t start sweating profusely when I’m served a plate of chicken rice. Alive chickens? Scary. Dead chickens? Tasty.


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