Audio House 29th Anniversary Sale Promises the Lowest Prices with Cashback; Perfect for New BTO Owners

I know, I know, there’s not a lot of things you want to pay attention to besides the Trump-Kim summit.

But here’s one that confirm-plus-chop will grab your attention and not let go.

Cheap electronics. And when I say cheap, I mean…

You can find it all here.

From 15 June to 3 July, Audio House is celebrating its 29th year anniversary in the best way possible: by giving you amazing deals.

During this period, Audio House is committed to providing the lowest price possible in the market.

How? By matching the prices of their products at the lowest price.

So let’s say you go to Audio House and you see that they’re selling their TV at $500. But you saw another shop selling it at only $400.

All you got to do is to take a photo-proof of the price, present it to Audio House and they’ll charge you the same rate.

And this isn’t just restricted to offline sales. They’re including online prices too.

Image: Giphy

Then, the question is…why don’t I just shop at the other shop then? Troublesome sia…still have to go here go there.

Here’s why.

They’re giving you $29 cashback with every $100 spent during this period. These vouchers can be used to offset the price of your next purchase.

Just take note that you can only use one $29 voucher with every $100 spent. So essentially, you’re getting an additional 29% OFF. Sort of lah.

I’m pretty sure you don’t need me to tell you that if you have two expensive electronic items to get, get them in separate transactions.

So you’ll enjoy the $29 OFF for your second item mah. #LifeHacks #CommonSense

So, what can you expect to be on sale?

If you haven’t gotten it yet from what I’ve previously written, it’s everything. Lowest price, remember?

But here’s a few teaser pictures to whet your appetite.

We’re talking cheap televisions

How cheap? Like $529 for a 60″ Full HD Smart LED TV kind of cheap. And that’s not even taking into consideration the cashback.

With cashback, you’ll be paying $600, and getting the TV and $145 worth of e-vouchers back.


That comes up to about $384 for the tv. Not a bad deal, right?

Speakers and Headphones

When it comes to music, you know you can’t skimp on the quality of your audio devices. But for this time, just this time only, you can skimp on the prices though.


With the crazy warm weather happening in Singapore right now, you know you’ll need all the help you can get.


A friend of mine got his house done recently, and a Mitsubishi Inverter System 3 cost him about $2,800++.

Now, you can get it at Audio House for just $2,290, and get back $638 in cash rebates. That’s like $1,662 for the aircon.


I’m pretty sure I don’t need to go on anymore.

Just take note that all deals are on a first-come-first-serve basis. And each customer is limited to one set per transaction.


So, if you, or your friends, happen to be looking for cheap electronics, this might just be the place to go.

Where: Audio House Bendemeer Showroom (72 Bendemeer Road, Singapore 339941)
When: 15 June to 3 July 2018, 12.30 pm to 9 pm daily

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