Auntie Trolls Chinese Phone Scammer Who Says Cantonment is in Jurong East; Scammer Calls Auntie a Dog


You know how Singaporeans always fall prey to Chinese phone scammers? First, they’ll say our kids are kidnapped. Then, they’ll come up with some excuse saying that the police is going to nab us because we committed a crime (that we didn’t even know).

Or, even better, they will ask you to go down to the Cantonment Police Station HQ which is located at…Jurong East.

In a Facebook video shared by Sure Boh Singapore, it shows a savage auntie calling back the number that gave her a missed call. And in that conversation, the Chinese woman tries to dig information from the auntie which the auntie skillfully turns down.

And when the auntie asks the phone operator why they gave her a call, the phone operator tries to direct the question back to the auntie.

Chinese Operator: “I mean, did you hear clearly what the telephone tell you earlier”
Auntie:”Never leh.”

Chinese Operator:”Okay Miss, over here is Cantonment Police Station.”
Auntie:”Where is Cantonment ah?”
Chinese Operator:”Er, Cantonment at JURONG EAST.

Must have used too many different scamming plots that she forgot which one she used on this auntie. 

The Chinese Operator then proceeds to ‘question’ the auntie and dig more information from her.

Chinese Operator,” First, I need to verify your name, ah… Miss?”
Auntie,”Eh, you call me you dunno my name? You call me got what taichi?”

And after a few squabbles, the Chinese Operator lost it. 

Chinese Operator,” I don’t know you DOG or HUMAN how to tell you what tai chi”


The auntie then replies her with the most savage reply

“I also don’t know you CHICKEN or HUMAN. I mean, CHICKEN or DOG.”

Well done, auntie. Well done. 

Thank you for showing us their true colours and for sacrificing your phone bill.

Guys, if you too, wanna show these operators who da real boss is, do note that sometimes, all they want to do is to keep you on the line so that they can earn that few extra bucks from your phone bill. 

You can watch the full video here:

Bodoh Peh Kambing Scammer

Today, limpeh finally know Cantonment at JU RO NG …. #BodohPehKambingScammer #ScammerNoDoHomeWork Singapore Police Force National Crime Prevention Council (Singapore)

Posted by SBS – Sure Boh Singapore on Monday, 20 March 2017

For the rest of you, Welcome to Singapore! 

Facebook: Sure Boh Singapore

And do you know there’s another classic auntie trolling a scammer recently? Aunties really power nowadays.

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