Avengers: Endgame Advance Ticket Sales Crashed Cinema Websites & Are Sold for $888 in Carousell

Image: Opasbbb / Shutterstock.com

If you’re like BuffLord95, your routine this morning would be different: you weren’t spending the entire morning sipping coffee and having breakfast at the pantry before heading down to the nearby coffeeshop for another “tea break”.

You were sitting right in front of your laptop, eyeing the screen earnestly.

And it’s not because the boss’s around. After all, BuffLord95 went for his tea break even when the boss’s sitting next to him.

Instead, it’s because of this:

Image: AMC Theatres

Advance sales of the tickets (note: not an earlier screening, but just purchase of the tickets on regular opening days) began this morning (10 April 2019) at 9:30 a.m. in all cinemas. They can be bought online or over the counter, and prices remain the same.

After all, remember: It’s not an advance screening. Just an advance purchase of the tickets.

And so, BuffLord95 was looking to buy the tickets because his first name is Tony and his last name is Stark. Knowing that advance ticket sales crashed websites in the US when they were put on sale on 2 April 2019, and were even being resold online for more than SGD$12,000, BuffLord95 knew it was going to be a battle of the fingers.

But as he logged in to several cinema websites, he was greeted with this:

Image: mothership.sg

“Cloudflare?” he wondered aloud. “That sounds familiar.”

XiaoBeach73 then rolled her chair towards him. “Because, in the past, when Goody Feed server was down, you’ll also see this.”

“Cloudflare is the server? We share the same server as Cathay?”

“No,” XiaoBeach73 muttered, “Cloudflare is like the middleman between servers and you, the end user. They provide cyber protection by masking the server IP lah, stopping cyberattacks lah…so basically, when you see this, it means the middleman that’s protecting the server is working fine. Your connection is fine as well. Instead, the server is down.”

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“Oh…so it’s endgame for me?”

“Yes. Because the server has overloaded. So your hopes of watching it on the first day has turned into ashes.”

“Oh, my. My spider sense is tingling.”

“But don’t worry, still got hope without having to spend hundreds of dollars. Read on and you’ll understand.”

“Sounds like this is going to be an app-exclusive article.”

Avengers: Endgame Crashed Cinema Websites

Although XiaoBeach73 looks and sounds like a dumbo, she’s right: the servers were down primarily due to high traffic.

You see, just think of a website as a CPU: it’s hosted somewhere, and usually, on a given time, only, say, 300 people would be using the CPU. These 300 people are Internet users who’re booking tickets.

However, this morning, maybe 30,000 people used the CPU instead. It’s going to be overloaded, and would allow only the first 300 people in—the rest would be “in queue” until the 300 people stopped using the CPU (finish booking the tickets).

Those “in queue” would lead to the server being unresponsive to them, and therefore, looks like the website has crashed.

Websites Back to Normal

If you’re looking to buy the tickets NOW (10 April 2019 afternoon), then fret not: the websites have all reverted to normalcy.

And you might be thinking: I bet all tickets are sold out.

Apparently not.

Here, take a look:

Image: gv.com.sg

This is GV’s website and we’re using Yishun GV as an example, because Thanos stays there it has a large cineplex. Blue refers to screenings that still have seats, and you can see that there are still seats in every screening.

However, if you’re looking at popular timings like 8:30 p.m., then you’d have to bend your neck for three hours because the only seats are right in front of the screen.

Image: gv.com.sg

But of course, if you die-die want to watch it on the first day and don’t mind Grabbing home after watching it, you can catch the movie at 10:20 p.m. There are still seats around.

Image: gv.com.sg

The next best option for working adults? Catch it on a Friday after 9:00 p.m. or 10:00 p.m. as well. There are enough seats for your whole extended family.

Image: gv.com.sg

I took the liberty of checking other cinemas and screenings (I swear it’s not for me, but for you, the readers), and it’s the same everywhere: if you can watch it after 9:00 p.m., tickets are still available even on the first day or on the first weekend.

Which leads to the next phenomenon…

People Are Reselling the Tickets at a High Price

If you’ve $888 (huat ah!) to spare, you can still buy a ticket for 24 April 2019 before 9:00 p.m., because #capitalism

As usual, enterprising people are reselling tickets in Carousell, with a pair up to $888.

Image: carousell.com

And for your info, this isn’t a joke: the dude’s a serious seller with 254 reviews, and his average rating is 4.9 stars.

Now, unless he’s going to blackmail the Internet by posting a spoiler the moment he watch it, then I’d suggest that we all just watch it after 9:00 p.m. and Grab home instead.

That’s way cheaper.

Just stay off social media on 24 April 2019 lah.