A&W Reportedly Opening an Outlet in Canberra Plaza, a New Mall in Yishun

For most people, the happiest day in their lives is their wedding day or the birth of their child. But for Singaporeans, it’s when a new fast food establishment opens up.

This is why hordes of residents flock to these newly-opened eateries like newborn sea turtles heading to the sea.

We then queue for hours to have a meal at this establishment even though we could forgo queuing altogether if we just waited a day for the frenzy to subside.

Why do we this?

Some scientists believe it’s innate behaviour or instinct. Most Singaporean babies learn to say KFC or McDonald’s before Mama or Papa.

And if you think it’s just us millennials who are like this, you have greatly underestimated our grandparents’ love for junk food.

Singapore’s love affair with fast food began in 1968, when the first A&W restaurant opened in the former Malaysia-Singapore Airlines building at Robinson Road.

In 1979, when the first McDonald’s opened in Singapore, the number of customers who attended its opening was reportedly so large that it set a world record for serving the highest number of hamburgers in a single day.

Back when you had to call McDonald’s a hamburger restaurant because people didn’t know what it was – Image: Buro Singapore

Yes. This is why you clicked on this article, and why you’re already planning to queue up at this brand new mall; because we love our fast food.

A&W Reportedly Opening an Outlet in Canberra Plaza, a New Mall in Yishun

Canberra Plaza, a New Generation Neighbourhood Centre (NGNC) and shopping mall, will be opening soon in Yishun.

With all the cat murders, human murders, and horses on the loose, Yishun isn’t exactly an area many residents are eager to visit.

But one new fast food restaurant in Canberra Plaza might change that.

In the comments section of one of Canberra Plaza’s Facebook posts, a netizen shared screenshots of the mall’s directory, which lists all of its shops and eateries.

As with almost every mall, you have your obligatory NTUC. Residents in the area will also be pleased to learn that the mall has a Daiso.

Image: Facebook (Canberra Plaza)

The mall also has a gym, nail and hair salons, and even a ballet school.

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Image: Facebook (Canberra Plaza)
Image: Facebook (Canberra Plaza)

But that’s not what you came here for, is it?

On the mall’s first floor, there will reportedly be a McDonald’s, KFC, and… a brand new A&W outlet.

Image: Facebook (Canberra Plaza)

Goody Feed cannot confirm if this is true (but we sincerely hope it is).

Because on the video posted by the Page, A&W’s logo appears, too:

Goody Feed YouTube Channel
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Welcome to our Canberra Plaza Official Facebook page!

Welcome to our Canberra Plaza Official Facebook page! Follow this page for all the latest information, happenings, events, and shops that will be opening soon at Canberra Plaza!See you soon!#canberraplaza #openingsoon

Posted by Canberra Plaza on Monday, 27 July 2020

Bonkers For A&W

At the moment, there are only two A&W outlets in Singapore, one in AMK Hub, and one in Jewel Changi Airport.

As you’d expect, hungry residents stood in line for hours to get a taste of A&W’s unique offerings when both outlets first opened their doors.

Image: AMK Hub
Image: AMK Hub

Canberra Plaza, which is located in the northern part of Sembawang, is expected to open soon.

The mall is directly linked to Canberra MRT station by a footbridge and will be open for 24 hours.

Image: HDB

We may be in the middle of a pandemic, but once the mall opens, you can bet your 24 boxes of face masks that it will be filled with Singaporeans aching to get some Coney Dogs and Root Beer Floats.


Now, whether you think Canberra belongs to Sembawang or Yishun (it’s sandwiched between the two superpowers), you should check out this video that shows you how goody Yishun is (and also subscribe to our YouTube channel, please!):

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