A&W Second Outlet Opening in AMK Hub in July 2019

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Good news comes to those who wait indeed.

According to The Straits Times, the second A&W outlet in Singapore will be located in Ang Mo Kio. The outlet is set to open in July of this year at AMK Hub.

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The diner in the basement will begin renovations soon and will have a capacity of 142 seats.

On the other hand, the outlet in Jewel Changi only has a capacity of 80.

Stronger Than Ever

Since its return to Singapore, queues have been insanely long just to enter the outlet at Jewel Changi. Many people have been hyping its return ever since.

In fact, the hype is so crazy that they plan to open a third outlet just so that they can ease the traffic and wait time at Jewel Changi. The third outlet is expected to be opened in 2020.

Previously, it was also reported that A&W was planning to submit their application for halal-certification to the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS). A recent update says that they have yet to do so.

A&W Hype

Since their return in April this year, A&W has been in the spotlight for being one of the most well-received and crowded places in Jewel Changi. Literally everyone wants to try the new A&W.

Shortly after the opening, they had a temporary limit for its menu from 3am-6am. The outlet in the new airport is opened 24-hours, so that limit was reasonable.

From 3am-6am, customers could only get takeaway Root Beers or Root Beer floats. No food could be purchased. While from 6:01am-11am, only certain food items on the menu were available for dine-in and takeaway.

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In the most recent update, A&W stated that their outlet at Jewel Changi Airport will be closed from 3am-6: 59 am. No items can be purchased during the closing time as they would need to do their daily housekeeping.

Not even Root Beers and Root Beer floats.

While from 7 am-11 am, dine-in and takeaway are only available for limited items on the menu.

Which means the optimal time to visit A&W to get an option from the full menu would be from 11:01am-1:59 am.

This has been in effect since 30 May.

Not Handling It Well

While they have added these measures to ensure a better dining experience at the Jewel Changi outlet, a few customers have expressed their dissatisfaction via the comment section under the Facebook post.

Many comments included asking A&W if they could have a separate queue for takeaways only. Which makes sense considering how people would not want to wait to get a seat in the actual outlet just so that they could have their meal.

Some other comments asked why people were queuing at the Jewel Changi outlet for hours when there are many other outlets in our neighbouring country.

True that, though.

One even went on to tell them to learn from their competitors McDonald’s and Burger King, which operates 24 hours.

A&W is technically operated for less than 24 hours, as stated on their Facebook page.

The last comment which stood out was this, “As a franchise, you should consider many tweaks on how you run your outlet. Very disappointing system you have in place for a fast food outlet.

First of all, How can your outlet in jewel be considered your flagship store when it is so small. You are running with two counters most of the time and you call this your flagship store? A flagship store should be able to handle thrice more the capacity that you currently can cope with at jewel.”

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You can never please anybody.