Bangkok’s First Luxury Outlet ‘Central Village’ Opens With Shops Like Coach & Kenzo

We all know that Singaporeans absolutely LOVE travelling to Bangkok during the holidays. With its amazing food scene, affordable shopping areas and abundant Thai massage parlours, what more could you possibly wish for?

Well, how about a brand new luxury shopping complex with a total of 235 local and international retail stores?

Wish granted.

Central Village: A Luxury Shopping Paradise 

Image: Central Village Facebook

That’s right, Bangkok’s very first luxury outlet, Central Village, is opened on 31 August 2019 and it is literally the definition of a shopping paradise.

The mall occupies a vast area of 40,000 square feet and it has a total of 235 local and international retail stores, including brands like Polo Ralph Lauren, Kenzo, Superdry, and Coach.

You can also expect to see tons of food options in its “Food Village”, including local Thai cuisine as well as food from all around the world. I think I could spend an entire day just eating at this mall.

Diet who?

There’s also going to be a tourist service centre, a kids’ playground, supermarkets, and a 200-room hotel operated by an international chain.

Image: Central Village Facebook

“We aim to attract over 10 million Thai and foreign shoppers in the first year,” said Ms Wallaya, deputy chief executive of Central Pattana (CPN), to The Bangkok Post.

“World-renowned tourist destinations such as Britain, Japan and Hong Kong have their favourite outlets for tourists, and soon Thailand will be proud of Central Village. It will become a must-visit shopping destination to complete your trip.”

Here’s a picture so you can see just how massive it is:

Image: The Nation

Opening Promotions and Discounts

Like any other place that is opening for the first time, Central Village also has its fair share of promotions and discounts available for customers.

Image: Central Village Facebook

ADIDAS is offering 50-70% off on items and stores like Levi’s and Anello are giving away free tote bags.

You can check out all the different promotions available here.

Don’t worry if you miss these special opening discounts, because you can still expect lots of offers, with many luxury items being sold at 35% to 70% off every day.

Image: Giphy

I can foresee myself leaving the mall with a very empty-looking wallet.

Located 10 minutes away from the airport

Central Village is approximately a 10-minute ride away from Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

So if you have some time to spare before catching your flight, you know exactly where to go.

There’s also a Central Village Shuttle Bus from the airport that will drop you off right in front of the mall.

Image: Central Village

Feeling excited already? You can get more updates about the mall through its website and Facebook page.

It’s time to start planning your next trip to Bangkok if you want to experience this amazing luxury shopping paradise for yourself!

Just be sure to come prepared – with a huge wad of cash, and maybe some tissues to help you feel better after you’ve finished spending it all.



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