Bar ‘Reopens’ By Teaming Up With Café to Sell Food As Well

The COVID-19 pandemic hit different for all of us.

But F&B was one of the businesses that probably got hit the hardest.

With phase two officially out, dine-in is now viable but the financial damage is still done. It’s hard to make a comeback alone.

Which is why some places choose to NOT go alone and work together instead.

Two heads are always better than one, after all.

Joint Venture

And two F&Bs businesses joining means double the treats!

Much like other outlets, cocktail bar Jekyll & Hyde is reopening during phase two. They aim to reopen around 20 June.

However, they’ll now occupy the second floor of cafe Cheeky’s existing space along Neil Road, according to CNA Lifestyle

And why waste this opportunity?

The two outlets are going to have a combined menu, Cheeky’s providing an array of bar foods with Jekyll & Hyde’s drinks.

Pretty much a match made in heaven.

Failing Business To New Partnerships

The transition phase wasn’t easy.

The cocktail bars owner, Chua Ee Chien, had to shut down the cocktail bar at Tras Street due to falling sales since February.

Still, a combination of support from customers and delivery orders during circuit breaker reignited his hope.

It was around this time when Eugenia Tan, the co-founder of Cheeky, heard about Jekyll & Hyde’s lease ending.

She felt that the collaboration could help them both financially “while coming up with innovative and refreshing concepts that could bring in revenue and transform the market.”

Image: Facebook (cheeky_allday)

The addition of Jekyll & Hyde also means that Cheeky’s will now open in evenings despite being previously being a day-only outlet.

From a customers point of view, I’ll admit this looks extremely huat. Can’t go wrong with burgers and drinks.

Time to make plans once I finally leave my house.

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Through the COVID-19 Struggle

Not flying solo comes with a whole bunch of new changes.

Chua mentions that rent is now not a fixed amount. Rather, they’ve ‘set aside a percentage’ of earnings to pay the rent.


“There’s no way you can survive if you want to do the pre-COVID rental.”

While he had many plans early in the year, all of that halted when the pandemic hit.

The bar’s delivery model had helped keep them alive and pay workers full salaries, bar one month.

Image: Facebook (Jekyll & Hyde)

Tan too has concerns about receiving cash flow in time to pay her staff and her rent.

Even with government support, the amount of paperwork means loans or grant money might only come in months later.


She sees the joint venture as a way to help both businesses survive.

Deliveries to Continue

Chua’s bar will still keep their delivery service going, despite phase two allowing them to reopen.

And it kind of makes sense.

He feels that people would still be cautious of leaving home so delivery is still a viable choice.

Yet, Chua also thinks that his business’ earnings would take another year to go back to normal.


At the end of the day, though, he comments that the circuit breaker actually helped him become more creative with the bar.

Image: Facebook (Jekyll & Hyde)

Lucky for us too, since we still get that sweet home delivery service and a combined dining outlet!

No open jios, though. Got to practice some good old social distancing.

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