Barbie Hsu’s Ex-Husband Rumoured to Have an Affair With a Younger & Richer Woman

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Rumours of Barbie Hsu’s divorce has been hogging the headlines this year, and this week, it’s finally confirmed: Hsu, fondly known as 大S to some of us, has filed for divorce with her businessman husband.

It’s unknown what could’ve caused the split, but the relationship has been rocky since the beginning of this year, when her husband streamed himself chatting with a female stranger in Douyin (China’s version of TikTok) in a drunk state. He then apologised to the public on Weibo for his actions, saying that he could’ve been in quarantine for too long and therefore went for a drink.

However, after news of the divorce broke, Hsu has reportedly wished her ex well, saying, “I wish for him to find a companion who is more suitable than me.”

Two days after that, an episode of Ariel on Show revealed what could’ve gone on behind the scene.

Barbie Hsu’s Ex-Husband Rumoured to Have an Affair With a Younger & Richer Woman

In the Taiwanese current affairs programme, it’s said that Hsu’s ex-husband, Wang Xiaofei, has been dating a woman who’s younger and wealthier.

It should be noted that Wang himself came from a wealthy family, with him being known as one of the four most popular sons of wealthy entrepreneurs in Beijing.

According to the episode, the paparazzi in China has been trying to photograph the woman but none of them succeeded as the woman lives in an extremely exclusive and even heavily guarded property.

They’ve allegedly been dating for six months.

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Barbie Hsu Might Be Coming Back to Showbiz

Since her marriage, Hsu has retired from acting but is still in showbiz, appearing in several variety shows.

There are now rumours that she might make a comeback after the divorce.

The Divorce

Hsu and Wang officially released news of their divorce through their lawyers on Monday (22 November 2021).

They have been married for more than ten years and have a son and daughter.

“After serious and careful consideration, Mr Wang and Ms Hsu have decided to divorce amicably and have begun related legal proceedings,” their statement said.

The statement added that the couple will be “friends and parents in the future”.

“They will continue to raise their children together and give them all their love and support.”

The pair have reportedly reached an understanding regarding the splitting of assets and time with children.


However, details were not announced yet.

The couple will be splitting assets worth around NT950 million (S$46.6 million); this figure includes NT600 million in property and Wang’s S Hotel in Taipei worth NT350 million.

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