Barbie Hsu Has Remarried to a Former Boyfriend Just 3 Months After Her Divorce


Being married isn’t always the fantasy it is made out to be, especially for celebrities who are constantly under public scrutiny.

But that doesn’t seem to worry Barbie Hsu.

Just three months after her high-profile divorce with Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei, the Taiwanese actress has just tied the knot once again.

Her New Beau

The 45-year-old actress’s new man is South Korean musician DJ Koo, 52, also known as Koo Jun-yup.

He was part of the 1990s South Korean dance music duo Clon, which was popular during its time.

But Koo and Hsu’s story apparently goes way back.

Some two decades ago, sparks flew between Koo and Hsu after they met at a concert in Taiwan.

They reportedly began dating in secret in 1998 but split after about a year as Koo’s management objected to him being in a relationship.

Announced Marriage on Instagram

After twenty years of waiting, Koo finally got the girl.

This is also his first marriage.

Yesterday, Koo made the marriage announcement on Instagram in both Korean and Chinese, and tagged Hsu.


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He wrote, “We are married. To have such a destiny with a lover from over 20 years ago – this is a love we both want to cherish and continue.

“When I heard the news of her divorce, I dug out her number from over 20 years ago and contacted her. Thankfully, her number has not changed and we reconnected. We have lost too much time together so I proposed marriage and Barbie finally agreed.”

Get a man that waits for you even after you got married to someone else.

“After registering our marriage, we shall live together. I’m marrying late in life and I hope to receive everyone’s love and support,” he added.


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Finally Found Happiness

Hsu, who reposted Koo’s message on her social media accounts, wrote, “Life is uncertain. I cherish the happiness I have in the present. I thank everything that has led me step by step to where I am now.”

Previously, in November 2021, Hsu announced her divorce from Wang after more than 10 years of marriage. The ex-couple have two children—a daughter born in 2014 and a son born in 2016.

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