Expressionless Man Who Was Arrested For Murder At Beach Road Said Victim Stole His Money

Mr Chng Hock Choon, 56, was charged with the murder of Mr Miskiman Maakip yesterday, 15 Sep 2020.

According to Channel NewsAsia, the accused appeared in court via a video link. He was charged with murder and was remanded for psychiatric observation at Changi Prison Complex Medical Centre.

As he did not know the charge he was facing initially, he asked the interpreter to translate it for him from Hokkien to Mandarin.

After understanding his charge, Mr Chng told the court, “That person stole my money.”

Mr Chng did not elaborate on the person he was referring to.

Mr Chng will return to court on October 6. If found guilty of murder, Mr Chng could face the death penalty.

Fight at Beach Road on 13 Sep 2020

The Singapore Civil Defence Force was alerted to a call for assistance at Blk 6, Beach Road, at around 3pm last Sunday.

The call was made to the authorities due to a fight between Mr Chng and Mr Miskiman Maakip.

The victim was found lying motionless on the grass patch when the authorities arrived.

Mr Miskiman Maakip was then taken to Tan Tock Seng Hospital to receive medical treatment. He was pronounced dead later that day.

Accused Allegedly Beat The Victim To Death

According to witnesses, Mr Chng had allegedly beat the victim to death while they were having a fight.

Mr Chng had sat on the victim and punched him, resulting in the victim with a full face of blood.

The Victim Lived With His Granddaughter

Mr Miskiman Maakip’s grand-daughter, Ms Emillia Marlinda, mentioned that she ran to her flat after seeing someone collapsing on a nearby grass patch.

As Ms Emillia Marlinda’s father and her rushed downstairs, her father recognised that the man on the ground was her grandfather.

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Based on a Straits Times report, Ms Emillia Marlinda’s grandfather has been staying with her and four other family members in the area for about 10 years.

She mentioned that Mr Miskiman Maakip was a happy go lucky man and liked to roam around downstairs.

The family is still coming to terms with Mr Miskiman Maakip’s passing.

A 63-year-old cleaner who was a witness said he was passing by when he spotted a man kneeling on the grass muttering to himself.

Upon taking a closer look, he was shocked to see another man lying on the ground.

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Another witness shared that he saw a man raining blows on the other man.

The man stopped moving after he fell to the ground.


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