Bedok Stall Sells ‘Ugly Fruits’ in Buffet Style ‘Coz No One Wants Them

Image: Chan May Yen Facebook Page

You may be ugly on the outside, but what really matters is what’s on the inside.

While this saying might not be true in relationships, it’s true for fruits. At least, that’s what the fruit stall, Uncle Foo, believes.

And judging by the crowd that buys from the stall? They’re not the only one to believe in that.

Bedok Fruit Stall Sells Ugly Fruits

On 1 Dec, Facebook user Chan May Yen uploaded a post about a gem she discovered in Bedok.

Image: Chan May Yen Facebook Page

According to Chan, she found the shop at Blk 211 Bedok Central. And they sell ugly fruits.

She clarified that the stall sells regular fruits. However, before the fruits turn inedible, they’ll sell them at an extremely cheap price.

We’re talking avocados for your health fix…

Image: Chan May Yen Facebook Page

…apples from New Zealand…

Image: Chan May Yen Facebook Page

…big mangoes from Australia…

Image: Chan May Yen Facebook Page
Image: Chan May Yen Facebook Page

…persimmon from Spain…

Image: Chan May Yen Facebook Page

…and bananas (maybe from Yishun).

Image: Chan May Yen Facebook Page

But the price isn’t the most interesting thing

It’s how they sell it.

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According to Chan, they don’t sell it by pieces: like 5 for $2.

Instead, they sell it by the bag.

Image: Chan May Yen Facebook Page

She allegedly bought 19 pink lady apples for just 5 bucks, and 25 Packham pears (nothing to do with the footballer David Beckham) for five dollars.

Her friend also bought 15 avocados for just $7.

It’s like an eat-all-you-can buffet, just for fruits. However much you can squeeze into the bag, it’ll be yours for a fixed price.


So what are you waiting for? By the way, ugly fruits are perfectly edible. So why not buy them for cheap and do something good at the same time?

After all, Singapore’s food wastage problem is growing by the year.

Here’s how you get there:

Where: Uncle Foo, Blk 211, New Upper Changi Road #01-737, Singapore 460211

Image: Google Maps

Just make sure to be fast cuz over there, fruits really do fly off the shelf fast.

By the way, Uncle Foo isn’t the only stall to practise this

Believe it or not, huge supermarket chains do sell ugly fruits at a cheaper price as well.

Like, for example, Fairprice.


If you look closely when you’re grocery-shopping at FairPrice, you’d notice there’s a section for “ugly fruits and vegetables”.

They do not meet the usual beauty standards of their counterparts but they’re deemed safe to eat by the supermarket chain and sold at a cheaper price.

In fact, here’s a tip.

If you dislike frozen meat and thinks fresh meat’s too expensive, look at their chiller section for meat that’s near the expiry date.

They’ll usually sell these meats at a discounted price. My fat boss once said he got his at 30% off.

And if you’re in Cold Storage, my fat and kiasu boss says that those cooked meat (e.g. roasted pork lah, roasted chicken lah) would be sold at a lower price at night. In fact, you can see a new price tag (cheaper, of course) pasted over the old price tag.

BTW I think that’s why my boss is fat like that. He can’t resist cheap foods.