Beliefs of Moths That Visit a House During 7th Month


Last Updated on 2018-08-07 , 3:39 pm

Do you know that in the Chinese culture, it is believed that moths, especially the black ones, are the spirits of deceased?

It is considered a serious taboo to kill or disturb one, especially during the Qing Ming Festival or the Lunar Seventh Month because it is believed that they are turning a former loved one away.

Well, it is best to believe such taboo sometimes because after reading this story, you might never want to disturb a moth again.

It was during Qing Ming period when a moth landed on to the Tan family altar. Being afraid of insects, the daughter of the family insisted that the maid chased the moth out of the house and into the rain.

But no matter what happened, this particular moth would always return to the household and rest on different part of the house–sometimes at the altar, sometimes on the porch or the ledge of the windows.

The moth also tends to follow the daughter of the house despite numerous attempts to chase it away.

There was once when the daughter fell down on the way back late at night, broke her legs, and was unable to get up herself to the house. There was nobody in the surrounding to ask for help and her phone was also out of battery.

Luckily, she was found some time later by her parents.

She was later told that the moth has disturbed the parents and led them to the location that the daughter fell, a few blocks away from where they were staying.

As spooky as it may sound, the moth saved the daughter from pain and helplessness, and the daughter never attempted to chase it out of the house again. It was only until the Qing Ming period was over that the moth disappeared, and was never seen or heard of again.

It was later said that the parents have suspected the grandfather’s spirit resided in that moth because he has never seen his granddaughter before, having passed away a few days before she was born.

Of course, there is evidence to refute this mythology because moths can get disorientated and fly into the households. They are harmless insects but do stay away from it as it could be your deceased ancestor coming back for a visit.

Interestingly, the Chinese are not the only ones to believe in the mythical nature of the moth. Indians believed that when a moth arrives at a house, it signify that there will soon be the arrival of a newborn, so they tend to embrace the arrival of this insect.

If you happen to be visiting your Indian friends’ house, be sure not to chase the moth away or you might just be murdered.

At the end of the day, it’s very simple. When you see a moth in the house or outside, leave it be because they can either be your future children or deceased parents!


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