Maskless Briton, Benjamin Glynn, Banned from S’pore for Life After He’s Deported to the UK

Lest you’re not aware, since the pandemic, a few sovereigns have been found in our tiny island.

Most of them are Singaporeans and the only one who’s a foreigner is now banned from stepping into Singapore again, which means we’ve one less sovereign.

Maskless Briton Banned from S’pore for Life After He’s Deported to the UK

British national Benjamin Glynn has become a household name after he’s caught in a video maskless, and then challenging the authorities on the rules. He took it up a notch by complaining about the rules in a foreign publication, and still refused to wear a mask even after he’s charged.

The man was trialed, convicted and sentenced in a single day after IMH said that he was fit to plea and had no mental disorder.

On Wednesday, he was found guilty of four charges of failing to wear a mask (two for this charge), public nuisance and using threatening words towards a public servant.

He was given a six-week jail sentence, but as he had been in remand since last month, he was released on the next day when he was found guilty, as his jail sentence was backdated to 19 July 2021.

Glynn was deported to the United Kingdom immediately, and will be barred from re-entering Singapore.

The 40-year-old, who’s a father of two, said in a previous interview with Daily Mail that prior to getting charged, he was already due to return to the UK for a new job, but claimed that this trial caused him his job.

He has reportedly been working for a Singapore branch of a British recruitment firm since 2017.

Watch this video to the end to understand the importance of masks:

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Featured Image: Facebook (Keefe Chan); Youtube (The Straits Times)