Benjamin Kheng ‘Made Public’ About His Relationship With 987FM’s Naomi Yeo

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Benjamin who?! And then Naomi who?!

If you’re as swakoo as this writer here, you probably don’t know who they are. But even this swakoo writer has heard about The Sam Willows.


Uh… yeah, Willows, that American group in the 1950s, right? 

Wait a minute… America got surname “Kheng” one meh?

No, no. The Sam Willows.

You probably already saw the featured image, but it’s the band that brought you this:

And yeah, you might have read a little on The Sam Willows before since we’ve talked about them before.

That’s right… today’s post is going to bring to public the relationship of Benjamin Kheng and…


Bromance With Edwin Goh

A bromance so real, they got matching tees…

Image: 8days

And even shared a milk bath.

Image: 8days

Wait, what?

Just kidding. The bromance is real and was brought to light by 8 Days back in Jan 2019.

But if you look carefully you’ll see that one of the people seem a little familiar… almost like you’ve seen them on the featured image of this article before.

That’s right, it’s Benjamin Kheng and Hirzi ZulfOkay, I’ll stop.

Image: 8days

Yeah, I’m talking about Naomi Yeo.

Cause now both of them officially dating.

Instagram Announcement From Both Benjamin Kheng And Naomi Yeo

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keys to the universe 🌌

A post shared by Benjamin Kheng (@benjaminkheng) on

Naomi Yeo is an actress, host, voice-over artist, singer and radio DJ.

With pictures and captions like “keys to the universe” and “confessed the deepest, darkest part(s) of myself”, it’s probably safe to say that this relationship is officially official.

Y’know, if you just said it in real life, people would treat it as you’re just talking cock or trolling. Instagram announcement though, now that’s signing a contract you can’t go back on.


It’s basically giving Mark Zuckerberg and the whole world the information. Everybody will be like, nuh uh, you can’t go back on this now.

Considering the number of likes, which is 30k+ on Benjamin’s and 3k+ on Naomi’s, happens to be much more than the average post on their Instagram accounts, let’s just say that many people are happy for them.

And probably some of them seen this coming anyway already.

Previous Collaborations

Cause like any relationship, it doesn’t just come out of nowhere.

They collaborated way back in 2018 in a YouTube video:


And then more recently in the Toggle series LOST The Intruder:

Which you can find the trailer for here:


Now you see why I mentioned that bromance earlier. Cause that was the hint the public needed that they were hanging out.

And with that, as someone who only barely knows everybody I have written about in this article, I can only say:


Image: Giphy