Best Dad Ever Grew Hair For Two Years So He Can Sport Same Hairstyle As His Daughter

I can not prove this with absolute certainty, but there’s one woman who will wrap a man around her fingers like chewing gum in his life and it’s not his wife.

It’s his daughter.

I mean, how many times have you heard your male colleague go: I want a son to discipline and a daughter to spoil?

And this dad here shows what it means to really be the “best dad ever”.

Man Grew Hair For Two Years

Meet Yuma Kumata. He’s a Japanese photographer, videographer and father who loves his daughter very much.

So much so that he decided to grow his hair out for two whole years so that he can sport an identical hairstyle to his daughter.

Image: Twitter

So cute.

Shichi-Go-San Photoshoot

The photo above is taken in a father-daughter photograph for a traditional Japanese festival known as Shichi-Go-San (七五三).

It’s a traditional festival celebrated to pray for the children’s growth and health.

Typically, it’s commemorated annually on 15th Nov and can be considered a rite of passage for girls aged 3 and 7 years old, and five-year-old boys.

The tweet has since gone viral and garnered nearly 14k retweets with over 74, 000 favourites.

I mean, look at that smile.

Image: Twitter

If this doesn’t go viral, what will? It’s so good netizens are suggesting for him to do it every ten years.

But he’s not the only one.

Two Weeks Ago, Another Dad Made Internet News

Image: Facebook/Sophous Suon

Take a closer look at the bag…

Is that raffia string?!

Yep – it’s a bag made out of skillfully woven, electric blue plastic raffia string, a common and cheap household material.

The caption of the post in the group, a rough translation of the original Facebook post in Thai, said that this was a bag woven by the boy’s father out of raffia string as he couldn’t afford a backpack for him, tacking on a belated Father’s Day wish.

Image: Facebook/Sophous Suon

There are even two black straps at the back for the boy to carry the bag on his shoulders with comfort and ease that the father secured into the woven string with plastic and metal hooks.

If you’re wondering whether this bag will still be too fragile and not fit to carry schoolbooks in for it is made of just plastic string, after all, the answer is YES. The boy’s schoolbooks fit perfectly in the bag and don’t seem to be wearing down the string just yet.

Well, all I can say after these two stories are: fathers are (mostly) awesome. Agree?

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