Why Blackpink’s Jennie Was Slammed for Having Haidilao in Melbourne


Backpink is undoubtedly one of the biggest girl groups in the world now, which means everywhere they go, cameras would follow.

Backpink’s Jennie might have forgotten that, because she was caught having Haidilao in Melbourne.

And it’s not because she bojio; it’s because of what she’s said and done previously.

Here’s what happened.

Why Blackpink’s Jennie Was Slammed for Having Haidilao in Melbourne

Blackpink has been in a world tour, the Born Pink World Tour, which started in Seoul since October 2022. Their schedule are so packed, only a BMT recruit could relate to how much downtime they have.

And understandably, on their concert in Melbourne, Australia, on 11 June, when one of the members, Jennie, left the stage after the second song, people weren’t triggered.

The remaining members, Jisoo, Rose and Lisa, then told concertgoers that Jennie wasn’t feeling well.


A video of her leaving the stage, with the caption, “She’s sick but still try to perform on stage!! Jennie no you don’t have to push yourself! You’re allowed to take rest!” went viral, clocking over 1.1 million videos:

The concert went on with just three members, and shorty after that, their management agency, YG Entertainment, explained that she was having a “deteriorating health condition” and therefore could not return to the stage.

It’s still unknown what this “condition” is.

Jennie also posted an update two days later, saying on Instagram, “Sorry I wasn’t able to finish the show. I’m doing my best to recover at the moment. Your understanding and support mean the world to me. Thank you to everyone who came to our Melbourne show. Love you guys.”

Okay, everyone is human, we all fall sick… until the Haidilao urge comes in.

Reports of her having Haidilao with the other members emerged yesterday (17 June), and here’s the thing: it was revealed that she was spotted having Haidilao with the members on the night of the concert that she left the stage, leading others to wonder: is she really sick?

While there’s no rule stating that you can’t have Haidilao when you’re sick (there isn’t…right?), fans were triggered as they claimed they’ve wasted money on the concert, calling her “lazy” and “pretending to be sick”.

After all, even the worst chao geng recruit in BMT would know that you have to stay home after you get an Attend C (Medical Certificate, MC, in NS lingo), despite how tempting Haidilao is.

As of now, Jennie hasn’t responded publicly to the backlash.

In the meantime, you might want to watch this video to know what happened during Blackpink’s concert in Singapore:

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