Blackpink Lisa’s Uncle Reportedly Works as a Head Chef at Changi Beach Restaurant


East-siders, Blackpink’s Lisa is “in your area”. Quite literally.

The star from the Korean girl group Blackpink was spotted visiting a Changi Beach restaurant after the Blackpink concert, presumably to see the head chef, her uncle.

Blackpink’s Lisa Visits Changi Beach Restaurant After Blackpink Concert

On Sunday (14 May), a video showing Blackpink’s Lisa at The Seagrill at Changi Beach after the Blackpink concert made its rounds on TikTok.

@laychinok #blackpinkinsingapore @The Seagrill by ChevalGroup ♬ Pink Venom – BLACKPINK

We bet Blackpink fans are “on the ground” after seeing the TikTok—perhaps they should have gone for supper after the concert.

The nine-second clip starts with footage of Lisa entering the Changi Beach restaurant in a group of four, taking lucky diners at the restaurant by surprise.

Like many fans at the Blackpink concert, the TikTok user also whipped out her phone to take a video of Lisa.

Phone enjoy first.

Image: TikTok (@laychinok)

Unfortunately, the three others in the group weren’t the other Blackpink members—Jennie, Jisoo and Rosé. Presumably, the three others in the group were Lisa’s friends, co-workers or family.

The footage also showed Lisa speaking to other people at the restaurant.

Image: TikTok (@laychinok)

Afterwards, the rapper, singer and dancer was spotted digging into the restaurant’s mouth-watering food with another group of people.

Image: TikTok (@laychinok)

A nice meal for supper after a tiring concert.

Head Chef at Changi Beach Restaurant Confirmed to be Lisa’s Uncle 

Many Singaporeans were confused about how Lisa found this local gem of a restaurant. As it turns out, Lisa was there for another gem—her uncle. 

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According to MS News, the head chef at the Changi Beach restaurant was Lisa’s uncle. The 26-year-old had gone to The Seagrill after the Blackpink concert to visit her uncle before the Korean girl group moves to the next stop of their BORN PINK tour.

You already know the demographic that will start pouring into the restaurant after this piece of news surfaces.

BORN PINK Singapore: Highlights of the 13 May Blackpink Concert

If you didn’t already know, the Blackpink concert left many Singaporean Blackpink fans starstruck. Jennie’s face wasn’t the only thing melting that night—the fans’ hearts were too.

Even for those who aren’t fans, the Blackpink concert still put a smile on our faces with the antics of a couple of Blackpink fans.

For one, a concertgoer in the sitting pen became famous overnight after a TikTok of him playing Angry Birds on his phone during the concert went viral.

Image: TikTok (@pollutedhq)

Perhaps he took his girlfriend’s “you’re not allowed to look at other girls” too seriously.

These antics weren’t limited to just the concertgoers—Blackpink fans who didn’t manage to get tickets had something up their sleeves too.

They got “Cat 888” tickets to the concert.

Image: TikTok (@valvalvalvalvalerie)

Crowds of these fans gathered outside the stadium to try and watch the concert, with some even bringing binoculars to see inside the stadium.

Creativity at its peak—I guess the government’s years of efforts to encourage innovation are bearing fruit.