Woman Brought 23 Family Members to Blind Date Dinner & Expected Date to Pay $4K Bill

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The very nature of blind dates makes it a risky endeavor.

You’re meeting a person you know very little about, hoping that you’ll hit it off and develop a relationship soon after.

But in reality, blind dates often end in awkward goodbyes and pathetic excuses to go home.

Sometimes it’s because they have the personality of a biscuit tin, and other times it’s because they’re simply awful human beings. 

But even the wariest, most cynical person out there could never anticipate what this man had to go through on his blind date.

Woman Brought 23 Family Members to Blind Date Dinner & Expected Date to Pay $4K Bill

A man had a rather unsavoury blind date with a woman after she brought 23 family members along and racked up a $4,000 dinner bill.

The man took off without paying for the meal.

The 29-year-old man – called Chen – was set up with the woman by a matchmaker, according to Sohu.

It was agreed beforehand that Chen would pay for the meal.

The only problem was that when his date turned up for dinner, she brought along 23 family members.

It was reported that the woman’s entourage took up four tables, which occupied two dining rooms in the restaurant.

Now, it’s unclear if Chen knew that the diners seated at these tables were relatives of his date, but he certainly realised something was amiss when he went to settle the bill.

The dinner costs a total of RMB19,800 (S$4,020), an amount that would even raise the eyebrows of Jeff Bezos.

Panicked, Chen turned his phone off and snuck out of the restaurant, leaving his date with the huge, fat bill.

Settled the Payment With the Matchmaker

After the disastrous date, the two went to the matchmaker to settle the issue.

In the end, Chen agreed to pay for the two tables in his room which cost RMB4,398 (S$893), while the woman would pay for the other two tables in her dining room, which racked up a RMB15,402 (S$3,127) bill.


Why were the tables in the woman’s room so expensive? Two words: alcohol and cigarettes.

Reader: Technically, that’s three words

Woman: I Am the Biggest Victim in this Situation

The woman later asked her family members to pay for their share, as she had trouble affording the entire bill.

Image: Sohu

“Hi everyone, thank you for your support during my last blind date. The guy and I agreed before the date that he would pay for the meal.

“Someone created trouble during the meal by claiming that the guy is rich, so they should eat more and test his generosity. It made the whole situation unbearable.


“I am the biggest victim in this situation,” the woman said, as she has trouble paying the bill.

“My reputation has also been damaged. I don’t care who ordered cigarettes and alcohol. I hope the bill can be split equally among us all,” she said.

However, some of the family members allegedly pointed out that she was the one who invited them to the dinner, so why should they pay?

Others acquiesced and sent the woman e-red packets.

However, according to Sohu, the maximum amount one can send via an e-red packet on WeChat is RMB200 (S$41), so this may not suffice.


What do you think? Who was in the wrong?

In any case, this serves as a cautionary tale to all single romantics: pay for your own share of the bill on blind dates, and perhaps don’t bring along 23 family members, unless you have thousands of dollars lying around the house.

Featured Image: TORWAISTUDIO / Shutterstock.com