Blind Massage Parlour Seeks for Donations As They’ve to Remain Closed Throughout Phase One

It’s no secret that many businesses were affected by COVID-19 and the Circuit Breaker.

In fact, over 8,500 closed during April alone.

Those that stuck around weren’t always lucky either, with some potentially facing snowballing debt.

You may even know someone or even be going through tough financial situations yourself.

Unfortunately, today we have another story of another struggling business.

Massage Parlour In Danger

If you haven’t heard of the Blind Massage Services (BMS), here’s a brief rundown.

The establishment hires the visually impaired as their main workforce. Their outlet at Tanjong Pagar is immensely popular, with regular streams of customers.

Sounds pretty neat, doesn’t it?

Image: Facebook

Sadly, massages were labelled under ‘non-essential services’ according to Circuit Breaker rules.

This meant that BMS has had to remain closed since April.

Recently, they have also taken to Facebook to shed light on their situation.

If you can’t read it, it states that the establishment may not be able to resume operations for a while.

Even worse is that the lack of income has made it hard for them to meet their “contractual commitments”.

“If you have engaged our services before and satisfied with our delivery, we appeal to you for a goodwill donation to help us tide over the shutdown until services can resume again in the near future.”

Uncertain Future

Things have gotten so bad that BMS has started a campaign.

As stated above, this is in hopes that the donations would help to last the staff through this difficult period.

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Mr Seet Wee Sin, the establishment’s founder, shared that it remains uncertain when they are allowed to operate again.

He states that at the current rate, it might even take months before reopening.

They are also not a registered charity in Singapore and have survived solely on the hard work of the few employees who work there.


Mr Seet mentions that it would also be difficult for the staff to seek re-employment since other massage parlours are closed as well.

He hopes to be able to raise S$30,000 in order to be used to fulfil the shop’s basic needs for the year.


As of this writing, slightly over S$16,000 has been raised. It’s decent, but barely halfway to what they need.

You can help donate to them through this link, any amount would help. If not, you could also help by sharing the page or Facebook post awareness.

We can only hope that life after Circuit Breaker and the phases of reopening the things will look up for businesses like BMS.

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