BMT Also Suspended; Recruits Get to Stay Home for a Month & It’s Still Counted As NS

Last Updated on 2020-04-15 , 2:56 pm

You know shit’s hit the fan when even Basic Military Training (BMT) is suspended.

And to think that enlistees had just booked in recently…

…you can bet that the army is indeed swift and decisive.

Amour Guy: That’s our slogan, not BMT’s one

BMT Suspended; Recruits to Stay Home During Circuit Breaker Period

For a start, here’s something everyone needs to know: if even recruits are sent home, you should be staying at home, too.

MINDEF has just made a shocking announcement: all BMT recruits would be sent home as SAF will be suspending BMT from 7 April until 4 May 2020 in tandem with the nationwide COVID-19 circuit breaker period.

This comes after Mindef said that ICT will be suspended for uncles, too.

Now, if you’ve worn green before, you’d know that it makes sense: with so many recruits, are they going to have a “cross” in every 5-ton? And how the heck would jerry cans work?

According to the men in green, it’s due to the increase in local COVID-19 transmission, and after a review, they concluded that “there would be little impact on operations as active units would be able to provide cover.”

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Very true; you can’t send someone who hasn’t even passed his technical handling test to carry a SAF21 to war.

This will involve 3,400 recruits.

And just like us, they would have to stay home during this period and only go out for essential activities.

And just like students as well, they’d be provided with “home-based instructional material on basic skills and fitness development.”

Here’s the best-est part of this deal:

Counted As NS Period

This stay-home period would still be counted as their NS period.

I’m not jelly.

In addition, they’ll still get their NS allowance and medical benefits, though I highly doubt that they’ve taken those weird-looking injections we had during BMT.

I’m totally not jelly at all.

Recruit Jerry: I hope the CB period will extend—

You don’t CB.

Other Training Schools Not Affected

If you’re a future officer or a future specialist, and think that you’d get to stay home too, don’t bet on it: according to SAF, you guys are “needed to maintain SAF’s operational readiness”, so training still go on with enhanced safety measures.

To all recruits who’re reading this now: trust me, you’re missing out on the best part of your life.

Recruit Jerry: You’re just jelly.