BMW Driver Stopped at Green Light & Move at Red Light: Police Investigating

Image: Facebook

Ever since the rise in popularity of car cams, irresponsible road users are finding it harder to get away with bad behaviour.

We have trusty groups like Singapore Reckless Drivers on Facebook where people can submit videos, or Pages like that can turn your reckless driving viral.

The evidence is then taken by the Traffic Police to be used for investigation.

Like this latest case.

BMW Stopped at Green Light, Moved at Red Light

On 11 May, suspicious activity from a white BMW was filmed by the car behind it.

When the light was green, the BMW chose not to move forward.

Image: Facebook

Feeling like something was amiss, the two men in the cam car got down to check on the driver. One of the men shared that he smelt alcohol on the driver.

Before they could engage in further conversation, the BMW driver drove forward and stopped at the red light mark.

Image: Facebook

Seeing that the BMW driver was driving normally again, the two men walked back to their car.

Unexpectedly, the BMW driver decided to speed off even though the traffic light was still red.

Image: Facebook

As there was a clear breach of traffic rules, the two men decided to post this video online so that justice can be served.

Fake Red Light Camera?

In the comment section, many are asking why the red light camera did not take a picture of the offender as he was clearly flouting the rules, as usually, when a vehicle runs a red light, the camera would flash a few times to capture the car plate number.

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Although some took to explain why.

Which makes sense, since there would be vehicles that inch forward on a red light.

But that’s not the most important thing.

The most important thing is…

This has caught the attention of the Traffic Police

The BMW driver might have siam-ed the red right camera, but he can’t hide; the incident is currently undergoing investigation. It is also suspected that the driver of the BMW was under the influence of alcohol.

This case shows how important it is to own a car cam: Not only does it help you to protect yourself with evidence in the case of an accident, but you can also help us work together to protect our roads.

Safety first

Please do not drink and drive for the safety of yourself, your passengers and the people on the road! If you are drunk, take a taxi home or call a valet service (not sponsored). If you know that you are going to drink, you can choose not to drive.


And if you can’t control yourself, get a dog who can control you.