Police Have Nabbed the 2 Men Who Used Bladed Weapons at Boon Lay


Lest you’re not aware, we might not be in Phase 1, Phase 2 or Phase 3 now, but we’re still in a phase called…the Blade Phase.

Recently, a series of blade-related incidents happened within a week.

Watch this to the end for a recap:

What’s ironic is that on Monday, the Minister of State for Home Affairs Desmond Tan revealed that number of knife-related crimes involving murder, robbery, rioting and serious hurt has remained relatively constant, averaging about 150 annually for the past five years.

Well, this record might change if we stay in the Blade Phase.

Yesterday, another blade incident took place, this time in Boon Lay Drive.

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According to the police, they said that they received a call for help at Block 175 Boon Lay Drive, at about 5:02pm on 6 April. Two men had injured another two men with bladed weapons, and the victims were taken to the hospital conscious.

Preliminary investigations by the police reveal that the blade wielders and the two victims knew each other.

Footage of the incident has since been making its rounds on social media:

A manhunt was then conducted to look for the two men.

The police also reminded the public that helping criminals hide is a serious offence, and is punishable with imprisonment and fines.

In an update this evening, the police said they’ve nabbed the suspects.

They said that officers from Jurong Division and Criminal Investigation Department (CID) were able to identify the alleged perpetrators through extensive ground enquiries and with the aid of images from police cameras and closed-circuit television.

Yeah, all in less than a day’s work.

Despite the incident happening in Boon Lay, the suspects were arrested today at about 4.05pm at Woodlands Street 12.


The victims are aged 22 and 23, while the suspects are 20 and 21 years old.

Police investigations are ongoing.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Singapore Incidents)