Boss Allegedly Fired Lady Upon First Day of Work When Lady Refused to Be His Girlfriend


Last Updated on 2020-03-15 , 11:51 pm

Relationships are hard.

There are two kinds of people who handle a breakup:

One will be salty for maybe a year, texting or posting on Instagram that “you’ll regret it”.

The other will be more mature and will part with you good-naturedly.

But this newest addition may likely be the worst kind of people.

A boss who fires you immediately after your rejection.

And then proceeds to give you relationship advice.

This last type is a combination of both types; he tries to be mature, but then he comes off saltier than sea salt potato chips.

And the woman who received the brunt of it, understandably took to Facebook to fire back at her boss, without even bothering to conceal his contact number and name (I already foresee a mountain of hateful messages).

This is the story of a guy who just can’t take a note.

Once upon a time, a boss in Malaysia asked his new colleague (and that is just what she is) out. The date involved a hotel stay, covered by him. Fishy.

For your info, the white bubble is the boss and the green bubble is the lady.

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The boss was adamant. And apparently, this was not his first advance. No, his first advance was 45 minutes ago, a serious “I think I want to be your guardian”. Cue ‘not being able to take a note’ evidence 1.

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The boss backed off. Simple enough. But we all know that this is not how a good story goes — where is the problem? Where is the climax?

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This is when it becomes real; this is the start of the storm. Two minutes after accepting her rejection like the mature person he is, he decided to casually fire her and bid her farewell.


Being the mature male lead that he is, he calmly explains his reason for firing her. And that reason totally did not insinuate that his decision had anything to do with her rejection.

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His flawed argument did not convince the woman in the least, unsurprisingly.

The male lead was clearly mad when he decided to end the conversation altogether. It ended on a bad note, right? Bad enough, but here’s the catch — it gets worse.

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Cue the long texts

It comes as no surprise that male lead’s rant is about their relationship; clearly, it had taken a toll on him. The classic love triangle in popular romance presents itself once again! Who will the female lead choose? Certainly not the “bad boy” male lead.

Apparently, he was not done giving his piece of mind, because the rant continued under the guise of maturity.

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As a fellow female, my anger boils at his supposed “authority to guide” the female lead; I’m pretty sure she would have felt indignant too.

For the grand finale, he managed to blow the situation out of proportion, as well as degrade her in the worst way possible (this is not how you try to make up, boys).


He compared her to a “sex slave”. You know what they say; only a wolf can spot another wolf.

This is a true story that doesn’t have a happy start, a happy development, or a happy ending.

Truly, relationships are hard.