Boy Literally Wore Boxes to Cover His School Uniform So He Could Enter a Lan Shop

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How far are you willing to go to achieve your goals?

Signs of my shopaholic behaviour first surfaced back in Primary School. Of course, I didn’t know anything about Taobao and online shopping then.

Naturally, my favourite place to spend all my money was the School’s tuckshop.

Image: DHgate

My point in saying all these is not to tell you that I was a cool kid wannabe. Rather, it’s to share how determined I was to get my hands on these seemingly cool items.

If you’ve ever bought any of the above, you’d know that these didn’t come easy. It required a few days or even weeks of saving my daily allowance which wasn’t a lot too. I used to get $1 a day or so.

This brings me back to my question – how far are you willing to go to achieve your goals?

For me, it took a whole lot of determination and savings.

For others, it took a whole lot of courage, creative problem-solving skills and… well, three cardboard boxes.

Boy stealthily entered LAN shop by concealing his uniform with cardboard boxes

Image: Terenex/ Instagram

A boy clothed in his school uniform was seen covering his uniform with cardboard boxes in hopes of entering a LAN shop in Parklane Mall on 29 May, Wednesday.

The boy was first spotted by Instagram user, Terenex, and her friends who kindly documented the boy’s progress on her Instagram stories.

The Plan

In case you didn’t know, LAN shops are similar to arcades – you’ll be denied entry if you’re in school uniform. However, the boy was determined to get in.

Hence, the DIY outfit.

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With reference to Terenex’s IG stories, the boy was first seen asking for cardboard boxes, before covering the top of his school uniform as he walked down the stairs to his destination – the LAN shop.

Mind you, this was a well-thought-out plan. He even made sure to cut out two holes for his arms, to achieve a better fit.

Image: Terenex/ Instagram

Plan B

Not long after, Terenex and her friends went to the LAN shop to check on the innovative creator’s progress and spotted him with a third cardboard box which was used to hide his shorts.

Image: Terenex/ Instagram

Here’s a clearer shot of his level 3 outfit, courtesy of Mothership’s reader:

Image: Mothership

As word of the cardboard warrior spread, Terenex shared that the company behind the yeast bread cardboard box (Dayplus Singapore) used by the boy reached out to her to send some bread for her to taste.

It’s unclear if he was granted entry eventually, but that’s a sick disguise right there.

In case you’re interested in completing the look, here’s a level 3 backpack to go with it.