Boyfriend Sent $20.97 to Girlfriend; GF Now Thinks BF is Calculative for Not Sending $21

Question: Which is the best place on Facebook for the latest juicy news, drama, and gossip?

(Besides Goody Feed, of course)

Answer: It’s NUSWhispers.

Following NUSWhispers is like being a premium subscriber of a real-life Gossip Girl. You have no lack of latest dramatic rants, gossips and even snitching are enjoyed and submitted by people that are not even from NUS.

And of course, they’re always totally real. Who would make up stuff on the Internet? What a preposterous thing to suggest.

Girlfriend Upset That Boyfriend Paid Her An Exact Amount

In the latest issue of NUSWhispers (seriously, someone should make these stuff into a magazine), a girlfriend is very unhappy with her boyfriend.

What did he do? Did he cheat on her? Did he abuse her?

Nope. He paid her back the money owed in the exact amount. How dare he!


According to her, she helped her boyfriend with some online shopping due to problems on his app, which totalled up to $20.97.

Possibly trying to be nice, she then asked her boyfriend to simply transfer $20.

However, the boyfriend efficiently transferred her the exact amount of $20.97.

This was when the girlfriend got upset

Maybe her niceness ran out, but she got incredibly upset that he did not ’round-up’ and pay her $21 instead.

Thus, she headed to NUSWhispers and wanted to seek public opinion to see if her frustration was well-founded.

She wanted to know if she was “an anomaly”.

She quoted an example saying how she would pay a friend $3 if they paid $2.70 for something for her “out of courtesy for his/her service”.

So she’s a tipper. That’s good.

She also reinforced that she was not interested in the 3 cents, but rather thought this was a sign that her boyfriend was overly calculative for not ’rounding up’.

Now, what is the only thing possibly better than the posts at NUSWhispers?

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The Comments

Most of the comments appear to be extremely disapproving of the girlfriend’s mentality.

That is definitely not that the poster intended. The poster, who was definitely serious and surely did not make this story up to solicit funny reactions.

Of course, some pointed out the irony in asking for $20 but expecting him to round up to $21.

Image: Facebook (NUSWhispers)

Or perhaps… she is the calculative one?!

Image: Facebook (NUSWhispers)

And then, a Top Fan summed up everyone’s thoughts pretty well.

Image: Facebook (NUSWhispers)

But which is the Best Comment winner of this issue?

In my humble opinion, it’s this one:

Image: Facebook (NUSWhispers)

Short and sweet.

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