Brave Doggo Fends Off Venomous Snakes To Save Owner’s Kids; Dies From Wounds


Are you a dog person?

Well, even if you aren’t, this story about Zeus, a brave bulldog who sacrificed his life for his owner’s kids, will make your heart swell.

Image: Oriental Daily

Oriental Daily reported that last Monday was a regular day for Zeus and his owner’s family in Florida, United States. Zeus was just going about with his doggy business till mid-day when a poisonous snake slithered its way into the house. 

Zeus was the first to notice the snake which was yellowish and red with black streaks across its body. 

Beside Zeus were the family’s three children who were unaware about the dangers of the snake as they were busy cleaning Zeus’ bowl.

That was when Zeus knew he had to do something to protect the kids, so he moved in front of the children and used his own body as a shield against the snake.  

Image: Giphy

Unfortunately, the snake lunged forward and started to bite Zeus repeatedly, filling him with poisonous venom.

Image: Oriental Daily

By the time Zeus’ owner, Gary Richardson, managed to get the situation in control, Zeus was already bitten 4 times and was swelling profusely.

While Gary rushed Zeus to the nearest Veterinary Clinic in hopes of saving him, it was too late. The bites that Zeus received proved to be fatal. 

Image: Oriental Daily

Through the whole ordeal, Zeus still tried to be strong and fought to stay conscious even till his last breath. He was truly one tough pup.

Gary and his family were extremely upset and found it hard to believe that all of this happened so quickly and that their precious dog had sacrificed his life for them. 

Image: Oriental Daily

While Gary was devastated at the passing of his dog, he was also thankful for Zeus and for everything Zeus did. He talked about how he knew that Zeus, who he regards as his most loyal dog, did it because he loved him and his family.

Zeus really proved himself to be one of the most heroic, top dogs.

Rest in peace buddy. You’re now in a better place.