BreadTalk Has Super IG-Worthy Piglet Buns That Are Too Cute to be Eaten

Let me ask you a rather serious question: in Singapore, which is noisier? Bread or Kopi?

Look away from this screen for a while and think of the answer.


Okay, here goes: Bread is noisier, because BreadTalk (Bread talks) and Kopitiam (Kopi diam).

Have I successfully made the weather a tad more bearable with the drop in temperature? Yes? If so, here’s the meat of the article: BreadTalk is going to get more noisier as people in the outlets are going to go, “AWWW SO CUTE MUST BUY MUST BUY!!!”

BreadTalk CNY Buns

It seems like everyone’s jumping on the piglet bandwagon, including the noisiest food in the world.

This year, BreadTalk brings in several atas buns like these unique Berry Buns that has strawberries that’re air-flown from Japan…

…and also, erm, a Pork-Perity Bun:

Of course no one cares about the atas Berry Buns because that cute piglet has stolen the show, no?

I mean, look at this.

If that doesn’t cause the ladies to squeal in madness, I don’t know what would.

At $2.20 per piece, it’s not the cheapest buns around.

According to BreadTalk, it’s “made with soft euro and french dough, filled with fragrant bak kwa, savoury yam and mushroom”.

And because it’s so cute (and because BreadTalk didn’t send us anything this year), we’ve to buy it ourselves to see whether eating this cutie would cause guilt for ten years.

Well, it does. Because it’s one of those “good-to-see-not-good-to-eat” thingy.

Taste Test

I’ve got to admit that I didn’t have high expectations for it, and thank God for that.

I’ve no idea what “eruo and French dough” is, but if I’ve a choice, I’d settle for those usual red bean bun dough. The Pork-Perity Bun is rather thick and sticky unlike the bun we’re used to, and it’s just not as sweet.

While it looks good, I feel like discarding it after the first bite but hey: the fillings might just be lit, eh?


Unfortunately, it isn’t. At least to me.

For some reason, the combination of bak kwa, yam and mushroom just don’t match well. The unfamiliarity makes it a tad weird, as if I’m eating just because there’s no other food around.

Eventually I managed to down the entire bun, not because I like it but because I was giving it one more chance for every bite.

Would I have it again? I think you know the answer—while it isn’t friendly to your taste buds, it would look great on Instagram.

So just buy one, Instagram it and give it to your frenemy colleague to try.


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