British National Broke SHN in Hotel & Went to Another Room That His Fiancee Had Booked

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It’s been around for a while now, and some of you may have even experienced it yourself.

What do you do when you get a stay-home-notice (SHN)?

You, well, stay at home (or hotel) and don’t go out.

Not even to get essentials, though you can get assistance if you need to. This is usually done for your own safety and that of others too.

Especially if you’ve been following the Mandarin Orchard Hotel case, where 13 people from various countries serving their SHN all contracted the virus.

It was even suspected to be from a similar source.

So be prepared to be penalised if you break the SHN rules, even if you’re not out to have BKT and are still in the same building.

British National Broke SHN in Hotel & Went to Another Room That His Fiancee Had Booked

It’s even worse when someone else is involved.

A British national and his fiancee, a Singapore citizen, were charged after the former breached his SHN.

The former, 52-year-old Skea Nigel, was serving his 14-day SHN at Ritz-Carlton Millenia on 21 Sept 2020.

He was noted to be loitering outside his room twice for ten minutes each time.

The third time, he met 39-year-old Agatha Maghesh Eyamalai, his fiancee, in a room on the 27th floor.

She had booked a room there and was not serving an SHN and opened the emergency exit door for him.

The two then spent the night in the room from 2.30am to 11.40am.

In all the three scenarios, Nigel did not wear a mask.

Those charged with breaching an SHN can be fined up to S$10,000, jailed for up to six months or both.


Eyamalai will also be charged for assisting Nigel in carrying out his offence.

And unfortunately, this isn’t the only case of people breaching their stay home notice.

A Security Officer Also Breached His SHN

Abdul Rahman B Mohamed Hanafiah, 71, was also charged with doing the same thing.

On 17 March 2020, the security officer returned to Singapore from Batam and was supposed to declare his SHN on that day.

However, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority noted that he took a bus to Geylang Serai and decided to hang out for a bit.

He then stayed the night at a Bedok housing estate.


The man even went back to work from 18 to 24 March, without informing his company about the SHN.

Court documents also noted that during the 14 days, Abdul also went out to various public places.

On 15 Jan, he was charged under the Infectious Disease Act.

If you know of anyone breaching their SHN, you can report it to the ICA over here or call them at 6812-5555.

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